How can I enhance my magick

So I was wondering…Is there an actual way to enhance my magickal abilities. Since I was reading this article online on sacred symbols and there was this ancient diagram of triangles used thousands of years ago. I believe it was called Sri Yantra. And if I understand correctly it works as a sigil, it magnifies your magick down to its very core. And if a thing like that exist, than there must be other ways or items and sigils similar to the Sri Yantra that help you boost your craft and overall your whole life.


I would recommend choosing a deity who grants esoteric knowledge, and then praying to them daily.


Yes. Are you familiar with the work of the Gallery of Magick?


Meditation .

Visualization exercises

Empowering through emotions

Thoughts/visuals= Electrical form giving Emotions= Magnetic-the form itself-feeling

Thoughts+Emotions= Electromagnetic Energy

Qigong will empower your magick like a mojo


I’ve noticed not eating meat has empowered my magick also

The breath is magick

Incantations that hold magickal power


Magickal Thinking



Assuming Godform

Astral body exercises

Middle pillar/chakras ritual

But mainly visualization and sensationalizing the visuals, so tracing a pentagram over and over again and feeling it and seeing it as really physical, will overtime develop that muscle, this is a simple exercise you can use, so if you combine all of these you’ll legit become a living god, guaranteed without a doubt because this is what I do :joy: i wasn’t doing half of these things before I attained Godhood


Yeah, about that electromagnet feeling, I can’t imagine doing magick without feeling the tingles if you know what I mean. I feel like I can shoot lightning from my hands. But I kinda want more you know, every time I succeed in my craft I get hungrier and hungrier for more power…

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It’s because you’re craving to become the soul you once were

The greater electromagnetic energy you have the more you can channel and embody your soul

So working wjth torus fields help a lot

The type of power you want is to be a God for sure, ive performed feats like summoning lightning, manipulating elements etc. but it comes at a cost, especially if you’re not ready for it, it’s very way to get on government/intelligence agency radars like that so, baby steps is wise unless you want to be monitored

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How many of us have been taken away by the feds, FBI or some agency that use us as weapons. Imagine being this advanced…

Well if you break the rules, they will interfere

Like we don’t want a bunch of muggles going insane

Even they know there’s a process to everything, for example

I knew a guy that tried to collapse Hollywood with an atlantean crystal he took up to the Hollywood sign

As he was doing the magick a helicopter showed up and was like just few feet away from him

They told him they he can’t do it because it would wreck havoc on the world

So people like us do the groundwork, explaining the history and the mechanics of these abilities and the truth about our reality

The elites know their time is up, they’re just delaying it as much as possible, it takes only one semi activated human to collapse the false matrix, we increased in numbers and evolved in consciousness drastically especially in the last decade, I can manipulate candle flames for example and atoms, make clouds go away

I know people that’s can manipulate incense smoke, push physical objects

Levitate toilet paper…

These abilities will only keep getting more common, it will become the norm, but it will take a while to fully self actualize

That’s why I rarely do ceremonial magick now, I’m more focused on my energy and my powers… which naturally empower any ceremonial ritual magical op anyway

The Power of Magick is your consciousness
And consciousness is DNA so keep that in mind too, the more you raise your consciousness the more DNA you activate, the more DNA you activate, you unlock different abilities/siddhis, states of being and perception :clinking_glasses:


I didn’t know there was such a conspiracy behind magick. I was just doing it because it worked. But only small things, like money, attention, women,inner peace…stuff like that. I was successful with telekinesis before…but I never thought the men in black are involved with us. This information changes a lot of things. Maybe I SHOULD do big, I SHOULD bring attention. A world full of people like us sound like heaven

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Yes it sounds pretty good, but I’d practice it private and if you are going to show off any skills I’d start off small, humans as a collective aren’t ready for the truth so even the good guys will tell you to hold off if it means preserving the balance and collective peace

I was one of the few people that threatened peace because of the stuff I was doing to affect the outer world, so I know the consequences of it, not just the men in black but countless spirits, dragons, deities, they all work to maintain balance as well

But there are time capsules placed in anyway, so these things will activate naturally in time but there’s no harm in developing your abilities, just be mindful of how you use them because all acts have a consequence, just make sure the consequences benefit you in a positive uplifting way

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i have work the ritual that @DarkestKnight suggests and was very strong.
Im sure will work for you too.

This is very true.

Read Evoking Eternity.

what is it abt?

Increasing the power of your mind naturally increases the power of your magic. As the mind & body are so intrinsically linked, empowering your body also empowers the mind.

The psychic battle when lifting heavy weights empowers our minds and bodies as one has to overcome a base urge to drop the weight in order to preserve energy for later, making it an activity with greater efficacy for self empowerment than certain fad diets and mindsets as it works against real, tangible resistance.

Of course meditation & yoga are also great ways of increasing your power as you naturally learn to focus on what’s internal in a world which insidiously deprives people of the ability to focus.


We’ll said, I can completely agree with all that you said.