How can I dream the same dream?

Last night I had a mega weird dream that included an enn(or at least something like it) that I have never heard before. I really want to figure out what it was but I can’t remember what the entity said. I’m still confused on whether it was an enn or a incantation. Some of you might say just to meditate on it but I do things when I’m I feel like and i’m not feeling it atm. And I’m tired. I’m not proficient in magick involving dreams so a little advice would be good. And I already know to keep a dream journal.

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So important. Remember keep it by the bed. As soon as you wake you need to attempt to overcome the brain split effect by writing key words that relate to your dream. As many as you can. That will trigger more info and assist recall.
For dreams and astral work.

As far as returning to dreams you wake from, keep the dream in your minds eye as you lay there amd attempt to consously shift back to there lucidly.