How can I cleanse myself before the invoke

How can I cleanse myself and my area before the invoke


Do you want to Invoke or Evoke?

There are lots of ways to cleanse. I guess it depends on what you’re doing exactly? You can also use the search function in this forum and it will bring up lots of posts on cleansing for different things.

Cleansing yourself, off hand, I’d say go for a bath or shower. It’s a good way to visualize all the ick being removed.


It can differ greatly depending on who you are calling on or in.

For an evocation, cleaning (literally), burning of incenses or sage, consecration of area with elements (salt+water+flame+incense/sage for air), banishing.

For an invocation, drinking lots of water combined with a ritual bath or shower is usually good across the board. For elemental invocations drinking some tea made from a corresponding herb can be helpful, or performing a invoking pentagram ritual of the right element beforehand. Abrahamic angelics like Psalms and almost all types of angelics like some form of contrition. Daemonics really differ a lot, IMO. The best approach I have found is to create a pleasurable environment, kind of tailored to the one you are working with.

If you are healthy then a 24 hour water-only fast can be worth experimenting with. Lemon juice/ ginger root in the water helps If you start peeing and it stinks then it is working.


To cleanse you take a shower and after you clean in a mundane manner then you pour the spiritual cleanse over yourself.

There are many recipies but it essentially is sea salt mixed with water to make salt water in a bowl. Pour it by the cup over yourself covering your entire body. If you live by the ocean, ocean water works great too. You can mix rosemary with it. Or many various other herbs depending on your needs and intentions. Look it up! All hail Google! It works.

To cleanse your ritual area (circle) you use the salt water an sprinkle that around the area . Depending on your beliefs you can start in the east and go clockwise around the circle back to east. Or north to north. You do the same with the sage. Burn it and smudge the circle, yourself and your house with it getting every corner. What you do is based on your needs and what is going on in your home, your life and the situation. Some situations require a more thorough cleansing. Which is why I say instead of being … instead if taking shortcuts and taking the easy way out, read about it and learn.


First things first: Get a good banishing under your belt. After that, work on invoking.

As for having a bath, etc it’s great for your head, but at the end of a long, hard day and as a human being, I smell. That’s the way it is so it doesn’t faze me or the Magick I do. I figure that in the past everyone smelt ‘ripe’, including Magicians (most of the time, anyway).



i also realize if you haven’t posted in the intro thread yet you won’t be able to use this sites full functions. I don’t know if you can search yet, you could also be blocked from posting at all. I’d suggest hitting that thread up with a small intro, it will help you a lot on this forum :slight_smile:

You can perform LBRP, you can meditate on yourself and visualize you in a vibrant white light and try to feel that light shining in you and clearing you of all things or you can try that method - YouTube (watch 14:43-18:05). Those methods work for me with no problems.



A banishing ritual is fundamentally important. With practice you can learn to banish quickly, discreetly and powerfully. Also, having a shower, setting your hair and applying perfumes are great before ritual work. Ditto, salt water. Some orders prescribe bathing prior to ritual. And those same tied up bastards also follow the appropriate planetary days and hours, with the correct (from the book) incense(s), coloured banners, robes and with specified lamen. They never do much because it’s all just so fucking hard.

My background is Ceremonial Magick. For far too long I was in the ‘I can only perform Magick in a temple’ mindset. That’s what the books said, that’s what my rhp Thelemic Order taught and consequently, that’s all I knew! Chaos Magic(k) changed me.

Complicate Magick works and more often than not those complications are there for a set of reasons, however it doesn’t have to be that way. I use cut-to-the-chase, inexpensive, what’s to hand, on the run methods. As I don’t go on the town with my wand I use my finger. But I can only effectively use my finger because I know how to use a wand.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.



I believe @C.Kendall posted a really good cleansing ritual bath. They have been my go-to’s for a minute. Even if I’m not doing any spirit work; its a great way to tune in/ tune out.

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For folks that don’t have the funds for certain herbs, oil, crystals etc…use the shot you have on hand! Alot of ( i was one of them) felt like i had to acquire such things in order to do the working. Sea salt, vinegar, baking soda, black coffee, lemon/lime, laundry bluing, ammonia, mustard powder, and Florida water


the account on youtube no longer exists. i wanted to try it as well. do you know of anywhere else that might have whatever video you were trying to share?

very very true thank you for saying all that, i’ve had the same experiences i know what you mean

Kendall’s youtube is called the infernal obelisk. I dont remember if his cleansing recipe is there or not