How can I change my sexuality

Is there a way that changing my sexuality by magic is possible

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Well in Qliphothic workings a high degree of bisexuality is possible. Working with the Qliphothic Gods is a difference noticed in Sex magic. Work closely with the one who interests you most.


A friend of mine talked about someone who did kundalini work and ended up becoming transgender.

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Just try to do this Mate and you will see it for yourself…

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If you mean physically i don’t think so.

If you can change your personality or embody certain aspects or desired traits. Then yes you can change your sexuality as your sexuality is very much part of your personality, your make up of who are are so to say as a person.

But the question is why would you want to change your sexuality?

Belial has been known to try to change the sexuality of a magician to that which he thinks is best for them so you could ask him if he would be willing to help you do this.


Aphrodite made me bi for awhile. While i was possessed by her shed be checking guys out, which in turn was me checking guys out. I guess being possessed by anyone that likes men can lead to bisexuality. But Aphrodite specifically because she focuses on sexual freedom which leads to bisexuality.