How belief and worship affect the power of entities

I’m just curious and want to “read the room” on the topic how belief and worship affects entities. I just want to see what people think on that concept and would like to see others opinions and reasonings on said topic. I’m not looking for an answer just thoughts.


Lots of deities don’t like worship. They’d rather work with you as an equal. The Allfather is the best example I can give of this.

Belief though plays a massive role. I can’t describe it to be honest but it does.


Belief and worship does give energy but they don’t rely on it deities like and dislike worship depending on the deity or entity. The Morrigan or the Dagda doesn’t mind worship as long as you do it cause you want to, and you do not see yourself below them.

Worship doesn’t mean to be lesser it’s a form of praise.


I’ve noticed that a majority of deities hate it when you see yourself below them. Some may entertain it but a majority of the others will call you out on your BS. I recall some guy on Reddit claiming that Odin repeatedly told him to stop worshiping him and work with him properly and when he refused, he ended up getting bleach in his eye which healed after he listened to the All Father’s advice. Needless to say, when he told me to stop praying to him and have a conversation, I listened XD


Only time is when you come to their place and show up like you own the place, generally you shouldn’t view yourself beneath them but you come into Odin’s hall and act like his equal is where there might be a difference not because he’s a God but because you are within his home, his kingdom and respect is something to give when you enter anyone’s home lol.

Lol but yeah Odin is pretty blunt when he wants to be xD I could never worship another not because the above/below mentality but because my own core won’t let me, I tried and my energy kind of fell flat lol.

However every Deity I have met I have bowed to, I’ve called them sir, ma’am, etc to show my respect when I am projected into their homes.


I agree Alfadir is more like a teacher who you respect. He doesnt like worship but he can sometimes demand it to see the will of the practitioner. Belial too is like that. Belial told my friend he would eat him alive if he never bowed to Belial


I meant Ever not never.

Belief and worship are different things imo. Belief and recognition is what upholds the egregores of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Most/many entities have surpassed this into godform status and do not rely on it to be.

Worship is a different matter which implies you’re putting the worshipped being on a pedestal. I’ll respect all entities but not necessarily worship them as ‘above’ me, personally speaking.

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You’re bound to come across split sentiments and differing opinions on this depending on paradigm.

Someone who thinks all gods are egregores is liable to tell you that their power is directly dependent on the number and fervor of their worshippers in D&D tier fashion.

Others of us are liable to tell you that the personal intrinsic power of these beings is in no way contingent, that worshippers only magnify the deity’s power insofar as they have power themselves and serve with and through it


I used think religion was just about bow down and worship, or blind obedience, not to a god necessarily, but to some kind of code of values that a “prophet” sent down. And the purpose of religion was to belong to a community.
I was horrified about this idea of getting rid of god being above you to worship, because then I thought it would descend into atheism, like some kind of materialistic atheistic paradigm. I think the hardest thing for those beginning on the left hand path is to get over the misconceptions that people have and the dualistic thinking.


Definitely. If you’d show your human guests respect in their homes, you should do the same for your Spirits. A lot of beings do appreciate a gesture of respect.

Yeah worship in the traditional sense always fell “alien” to me.

Lots of beings will fuck with you until you stop bowing to them. Not because they’re malicious but because they know that Gods don’t bow to Gods.


I think entities have the ability to gain energy and importance from their followers. If an entity has multiple worshippers, it becomes a separate source of power for them to draw upon. A common precedent that has been set by entities has been the tradeoff of boons and blessings in return for worship.

A lot depends on the relationship between the practitioner and the entity in question. Are you a follower or a student? Can they mess with you or nah? Belial kept trolling me, and I kept pretending to not be bothered until I ‘headbutt’ him on our 3rd encounter. After that he was still a dick, but a bit more chill about the trying to spook me thing.

Entities dont ‘not want’ worshippers and followers. These assets translate to more reach and power. They might be cool with what all they have currently, and not be in a recruitment mood. They might try to harden a potential follower before ‘recruiting’. When you’ve got nothing but time to amass your entourage, you can be a bit more selective about who you let in.

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We gain energy from others around us, but we are primarily our own skill just as they are, many deities dont mind worshipers I can see why though.

I remember a conversation from another forum, in which I expressed shame about my feelings of affection and attraction towards gods/entities. Someone suggested that they probably enjoy the attention as an energetic offering, so it was nothing to be ashamed of.

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