How bad does it get?

So I wanted to know your thoughts on this, if you do bad magick to someone else do you believe in the 3 fold path? Or 7 fold path? I had someone recently tell me if you do bad magick to someone else it comes back to you 9 times! And only a short time a go I was so freaked out by this guy saying this is what happens if you do bad magick to someone who hasn’t cursed you.

Is this shit true? Any of it?
I mean between my experiences and things I see people are into on this forum, I sort of doubt any of it is true or why would people do it? Or maybe it comes back later like karma.
That I do personally believe but I am much more agreeable to take… well what I have understood to be karma… direct karma. I sort of think words like karma is kind of vague because I believe in a bit of a direct monist sort, but than there is also other kinds as well.

But are any of these folding thingy’s true?

Or perhaps what the guy says in the above video?

I mean I sort of think it is bullshit and I don’t exactly want to go around cursing people I don’t know exactly, but I have at times got really paranoid about shit like this.

Once I thought I accidentally made a spell that would cause harm to someone that came back on me because he never harmed me, but now I more think he just mistook what I said and hit me with something and that’s what obviously happened.

Other times I will have bad things happen for a total white magic spell and wonder if I fucked with something for someone and that is why I this happened.

Or now I have been getting into sort of broadcast type gray magick, where I make a broadcast to try to make the world more of what I want it to be, and it would likely make lots of peoples lives better but probably some worse.

I think I have found that the uncertainty was starting to be used on me by demons that feed on loosh. I have found the loosh thing is true, it will be like some spirits they hang around, hovering like mosquito’s until there is this magick opening of fear that they can jump in and feast on your fear from. I noticed though I am starting to really don’t this that unwanted spirits take advantage and that my magick abilities are effected cause I still have some uncertainty around this topic.

I sort of figure like I know what everyone will say, but I feel like: fine I will ask people anyways now.

What do you guys think on these topics?


I’ve cast curses, not very nice ones either. So have a lot of people on this forum. If this bullshit wiccan propaganda was real we wouldn’t be hanging around this forum, many of us would be homeless, in mental asylums or dead. So, no I don’t think the 3/7/9/whatever rule is real. Still curses are not something to take lightly, things can go very wrong, particularly going against other sorcerers or otherwise protected individuals


lolz no, nope, absolutely not. And I don’t think there is a single black magician out there who believes in these either.

As Akashiel said, I consider all these:

Back in my Wiccan days I found myself unable to cast a single freaking spell, because I had to worry before hand if and how each spell could turn back to me and harm me.

Seriously, this “law” is something Wiccans keep only in theory, probably because “rhp light and love” but casting a curse is “lhp evil thing”.
If you do something “bad” they will cast you out, but they are sending curses all the time… I’m not even sure how they get to exlude themselves from the “law” but they’re ready to lynch any other Wiccan who does the same…

If you search around in BALG, you’ll find several threads how Wiccans have unleashed death curses to others for no reason.


You will get whatever you believe you deserve.

On another note; if a practitioner is trigger happy and cursing people for sneezing–not someone defending themselves or their code–I think they have other shit to worry about other than karma (like lonliness, or misery and loss of humanity).
Seems pointless to be wielding all that power and not be able to relate to people.

Now I’m no black magician, so I don’t know if this is even the case; but I’m beginning to notice similar patterns among a pocket LHP demographic.


My experience is that no good deed ever goes unpunished. Sad but true.



No. I call that wishful thinking.
If you attack someone that knows how, or has protections, there can be retaliation, so it’s not a bad idea to divine the outcome in advance if that would be a problem… and/or set up your own protections to counter such an outcome before starting.


That is sort of what I thought. I almost wrote about my happiness candle magic spell. Essentially it was to make you happy for no reason. And the original spell said as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. I removed that part out of my spell, that was just so ridiculous. If you can’t even cast a spell to make you happy for no reason because someone might be offended by your smile? Than they probably deserve the horrors of your smile. Outrageous. Probably about any spell hurts someone some how.


Thanks everyone.
I feel almost silly for asking as this is sort of what I suspected but it will relieve some lingering concerns in my unconscious I believe.
I won’t fuck around anyways… too much :wink:
Thanks :heart:


I believe the 3-7-9 fold return happens to people who believe in it. I don’t consider black magick evil,nor do I consider white magick as good. It always depends on what you do with it. A word of caution with baneful magick. Don’t do it lightly, there is likely not a “law” coming at you, but your own guilty feelings. Be very sure that you will be able to handle the consequences. Before you curse someone, make a list of any outcome you can live with, or not, including the death of the person. If you cannot handle that possibility, don’t do it. There are, in a lot of cases, different solutions if you look for them.


Having some of the things that I have had happen to me, makes me in many ways much less scared now that I have been through some things, I would imagine there is always some sort of outcome, we would not be able to handle. I have starred in the face some of the darkest possibilities. I suppose we can all say that if we have spent much time on the baneful magick side of this forum, I heard this one spell on here omg.

But in my black magick feud with my soul mate it got pretty messed. He thought I was going to send him perverted nightmares so he sent me demons and said telepathiclly “but I won’t ever give you those sick dreams you sick fuck!” Lol I wasn’t actually going to send those but than one day I was trying to write him part of a letter and I had loosh eattinging demons fiending on me for doing that as part of his binding spell for me never to contact him, so I got mad and tried to do a binding spell where I would bind him with drugs and the second I closed up the bind I got hit with my own spell. Oh shit he did a 360 mirror bind on me, + my sleeping pill drug bind wasn’t vicious enough, so I thought if I am 360 degree binded what can I bind him with that I can also will upon my self? I know I will send him a homosexual bind. lol Where he would experience extreme anal pleasure and cock craving every time he tried to even think about hurting me. lol

That was a bit of a mistake, because that… invoked the perverted nightmares. lol
Oh it was so sick and fucked up and scary! lol
Imagine having dreams of insest and people cutting each other up and watching yourself turn into a demon and then waking up with cold sweet and FEAR and extremely horny at the same time! lol Oh it was so fucked up and then the demons started gradually possessing me and turning my mind into sick fucked up scary thoughts that were yet arousing.

Let me tell you that was quit the bind I got myself into that time. lol

Oh I was so lucky to have gotten out of that one.
I undid all my spells, that was how we spent my Christmas with my soul mate by unwrapping eachother’s spells. So romantic. lol

Then I got anal raped by a demon that I had to build a shield to protect against then banish and here I am.

We aren’t on “talking-talking” terms yet but it has been pretty peaceful, not looking to great for us being together in this life, and he may still kill me, but it can always get worse.

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Most interesting post I’ve read all day…

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lol which one?

That last one was fun hahaha

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Lol Omg so fucked up! lol
So horrific and traumatizing, I shouldn’t be laughing. lol
Omg I want him back so bad, you can see it too, it doesn’t matter how fucked up we get, it always is just too funny to stay traumatized, we have this way of making the most serious matter so funny.
But you have to be proud of me, as bad as I want him back and I do, I have not once since joining the forum asked how to get my ex back.

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Now Balg - give me a badge for it lol

That’s why probably half the forum joined. I lurked for a year before I did and was practicing before… and then one of them went nuts and I wanted her back along with 2 of the others I was dating. Thought I was cursed for the longest time

Instead of a badge I’ll give you a Llama of Approval :llama:


Oh you asked after a year. Oh dear, this could take more will power than his no climax vow. lol

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Story time… No climax? Like as in Taoist seminal kung fu? (Yes this is a thing) Or as in like a NoFap challenge?

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You might want to do some protection rituals. You can find a lot here on the forum. That should get you out of the back and forth. Are you sure it was a demon who dream raped you?

I’m back- and I think I will answer your question first, as it is easier.
Probably calling it a demon isn’t right on this forum especially.
That’s probably not very pc for this community.
It wasn’t like Belial or King Piamon or something like that.
It was like a more dark lower entity type thing.