How are these for a road opener

Thinking of doing a road opener tonight and my intuition led me to use these herbs. What do you guys think?

It’s a basic hoodoo type road opener using 3 white candles in a triangle formation and my petition in the middle.

But there will be a line between the candles forming the triangle with the candles being placed at each point.

The mixture consists of.

Himalayan Salt - to cleanse obstacles
Calamus - for exerting force on blockages
Dry olive leaves - to banish negative energy
Coffee - for speed of manifestation

I’ll draw a triangle with this mixture and place 3 candles one at each point and place my petition in the middle.


Sounds good to me :slight_smile: you know what your chosen elements represent and you know what the operation should be similar to.

Road opening is one of my favorites, I just like how you out everything together to represent what you’re trying to do and what not.

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This is my first road opener can you believe it haha, but I’m no stranger to magical herbs so I just put together what sounded right.

Yeah seeing the spell take place before casting is so important. Knowing what to use what formation to place the candles in and what the outcome will be is very necessary.

For example the triangle is to symbolise all sides being cleared. And to focus the energy since triangles are known as energetic conduits.

Also a triangle could symbolise a road from a perspective point of view. We all remember drawing vanishing point roads as kids :wink:

But yeah wish me luck!

I’m doing a fame spell soon with gold candles and such but first why not clear the way :slight_smile:

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Hmmm why don’t you try coniferous tree ingredients, or sacred oak tree ingredients for a powerful road opening?

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