How Are The Ways One Can Astrally Die/Defend Themselves?

Im Curious, Because I Want To Be Able To Defend Myself Incase Of An Astral Attack. Just To Be On The Safe Side. I Have Lots Of Protection Already, But Having More Never Hurts.

You can’t astrally die, you just return to your body. As for defense, getting your fears and desires under control is one way. Since the astral is prone to manifesting those things when left unchecked…


Your astral presence is timeless, you can’t die in the astral.
Closest think would be irrevocable corruption, which is what curses do if they are powerful enough.

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What is irrevocable corruption?

Cursing to the degree where your astral body becomes corrupt and no longer supports your existence.
As when someone breaks you down to the degree by magick that you feel powerless and can’t get out of the hole dug for you.

You will exert yourself, lose all your energy, but won’t be able to recover.

Typical end is either long term severe depression until death, or you simply die.

BUT, a curse COULD be engineered to not make you kill yourself, giving you a slight enough connection so you survive, but will suffer until you finally die.

Magicians are harder to corrupt in this way because they could simply fix themselves with magick, provided that they are strong enough…or got powerful friends in the form of demons, gods, or angels.

Another word for what I am talking about is the rather crude expression “astral rape” that is used on the forum, but I prefer “irrevocable corruption”.

Sounds more clinical, and I like it that way. :smiley:


With all due respect I give this approach:
The most important thing to know is that when you make an astral journey or while you are in an astral projection, your physical body is as susceptible to death as it would normally be.
Anyone could enter your room and kill you, with the difference that if our consciousness is on a different plane, we may not be able to hear it enter.
Although perhaps, what you want to know is if on the astral plane there is a creature that can attack and kill you in that dimension, and that also kills your physical body.
The reality is that if something similar has happened to someone, we cannot know it, since if he has died he has not had the opportunity to come to record us. However, given my experience, I would say that it is possible to die while visiting the astral plane, although it is highly unlikely.
The forces we do not know are powerful enough to cut the astral silver thread that unites us with our physical body. But don’t worry, I think this almost never happens!
However: remember, if someone damages your physical body while performing an astral projection, the consequences will be the same no matter what plane you are in.

Being a bit more analytical, there are those who comment that one of the greatest risks of astral travel is the disconnection of the physical and astral bodies, this would occur when “cutting” the silver cord that joins both bodies. Since the silver cord is the one who joins and allows the return from astral travel (although there are those who say its use is not necessary). Until now it is not known for sure the truth of this, since if someone dies for this reason we could hardly know it, however it has been thought that a percentage of those who have died during the dream have been the product of an astral trip. On the other hand, what is certified is that those who suffer from heart problems may be at risk of a heart attack during the trip, this since those who have had this experience mention how their beats increase considerably when entering and leaving their physical body, therefore it is not recommended that those suffering from coronary heart disease try to make the trips.
Some additional effects are known, such as an emotional imbalance after the trip, which would mostly affect those who suffer from a psychic illness. Therefore, it is always advisable to be cautious in these matters, as a doctor I recommend.

I hope I’ve helped!


Aaa Thank You For All The Great Replies, This Helps Alot

From the book Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce:

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Sounds good minus the blessed by God stuff lol, given the astral could be akin to a “mental plane” in the sense the mind/imagination is the defining aspect in your experience and what you come across (unless it’s a fear based thoughtform looking to feed/leech) but then again with proper control of said imagination you can manifest pretty much anything to combat it.