How Accurate are they?

How accurate are this books and website on the internet that tell you , your Guardian Angels according to the month and day you were born ?

And is there a different between a head spirit
And a guardian Angel ? ( this question might be more suited for the vodou forum)

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From my Gnosis, yes there is a difference, there are a group of spirits with you when you reincarnate in this lifetime. Like my guardian spirit would be different from my guardian angel.

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:pray:t6: thank you for the confirmation…
how do one find those groups of spirits? Like a beginner like myself? And finding my personal guardian spirit and my Guardian Angel?

I know someone
That’s respected amongst this group also
You probably familiar with that those this for

your Head Spirit and what other spirits who walk with you are
which Qabalistic God, Archangel and Angel are yours to work with based on birth data

You can make contact with using the Hebrew password provided to you and petition Them to help you.
He also give you specific Biblical Psalm verse that is suited for just you
all mathematically based on your birth data.

Only thing it’s out of my price range right now lol

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Well i dont like paying for anything but the materials that teach me so its rare id pay someone to do magick for me im more of a ill do it myself gal.

But you should set up a seance to figure that out , call all the spirits with you to talk and you can just take names.

The spirits called guardian angels in western astrology are not exactly the same thing as the HGA.

The HGA is more like a familiar spirit given to you via God/The All/Source/WhateverYouWantToCallit.

The ones found using astrological methods are more of a, “help you fulfill your astrological destiny” based on what your chart says about you. You can do that all for free with a copy of Agrippa and a free astrology chart you can find online.

They are not your head spirit, though. For that you would need a priest or priestess of a tradition to divine that.

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How is a seance done?

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Well you basically sit down and get into a trace than call the spirits to you, its really a catch all term so you have a lot of creative lee way.

Thanks … I’ll research technique
I have never done or call a spirit in the sense I feel like you’re telling me …

I’ve only work with Ben Woodcraft and Damond Brand books for now
We will see
I know I have a lot to learn

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