How about that... (actually has to do with magic this time :P)

Someone’s been messaging me on here (he shall remain nameless at his request), he cast a spell for me to bring me money and food through my usual sources.

In my case, that would be the Government of New Brunswick (for money) and my father (for food).

He cast the spell last night, less than 24 hours ago. And today my father was given a raise, and a bonus at work. He wasn’t supposed to get it until he hit his 2 year mark with the employer. Which isn’t until April of 2015. But they gave it up early for some reason (hmm…) lol.

Today I heard something that pissed me off, beyond belief. I was furious and disgusted at the same time. Then this idea sprouted in my head… What if I sue my government?

I tried to dismiss it, but I kept coming back to it. It was scratching at my brain. So I did some research, and also contacted a lawyer.

I have a legit case against them. The lawyer recommended small claims court. I can sue for up to $12,500 and I can represent myself (as I have no money to pay a lawyer to represent me). I don’t want to do this for the simple fact that even though I’ve got the facts that make my case, I get extremely nervous under pressure. And with the way I’ve been getting anxiety attacks lately I wouldn’t do well in court.

But I did some more research…

With a civil case I can sue for up to $30,000 but I would need a lawyer. If I can find a lawyer who does pro bono work, or who’s willing to work before getting paid I can do it. And win.

Here’s the irony. It sunk in after I thought all this through. It’s his spell.

He told me it would come from my usual sources… And the government is my source for money. If I sue it will be coming from my usual source. Just in an unconventional way.

I can’t dismiss this as coincidence this time.

Remember that when you’re in court, there is no reason for panic. You already know how this is going to play out.