How about a device or mechanism to induce trance

Yesterday I had an “inspiration” and an idea that was for quite some time in my mind popped up! I thought what if we (magician’s no matter the level of expertise) could “combine” our knowledge and make a device of some sort (mirror’s,box of some sort,etc) that could induce a state of trance if it comes with contact with any individual(who wants or already practice’s magic). I am just starting a conversation here and I want any thoughts upon this to be expressed. And by device I dont mean anything fancy just something that would be able to function for a beginner and a master to use. I already have some ideas but I want to see if anyone is actually interested in this.

Lots of mirrors. Cameras. Shiney things. Marbles. All demon lusts. I work with BS like this a lot for photographs. I’ve a lit of success with old jars

Thanks for sharing Sawbenah :slight_smile:

Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.
There are plenty of perfectly fine exercises that will get you into a trance without external things. And if you want external devices, there’s a number of plants and instruments that cab Vë used for such purposes.

Euoi as always your insight is much appreciated! :smiley: Thanks for the advice~
But please tell me who or what exactly is cab Vë that you spoke of?
I am aware that some plants can induce such effects but mainly Iam interested in some sort of device :3 Just experimenting :smiley:

Sorry, that was a typo.

Yes the intention of this experiment is an attempt to realize the stropholos of Hekate

It’s not cheap. But there is a computer driven device called Shakti that can induce altered states of mind.

if you really want to buy something, you can try something like this, but really any focus object can get you into trance. i put the autogenic training protocol on here if you’re interested, it always works for me, it just takes a little bit of time, around 15 - 25 minutes of chanting for you to get into trance so you have to be patient but it’ll get you there if you just do the work.

@the fool thank you for your advice and for redirecting me to the autogenic method. You see my point is not to buy a device is to make it, to construct it something that will work regardless of the individual. I just ask about your oppinion guys here on BALG because I beleive that if we combine some ideas and methods we may achieve something like that. You know it does not have to be an exact “device”. It could be a sigilized glyph or other talismanic type of “device”. Anyway Thank you for your insight on this topic :smiley: Much appreciated :smiley:

The best device I’ve ever found is the one you structure yourself in a visualisation, which (with a degree of practice and commitment, and suspension of disbelief) becomes an interface into the astral, and simultaneously facilitates an altered state, just like reading a good book will induce a specific attention that tunes out other distractions and draws you right into that world.

I posted about that in this thread - in core shamanism, it’s called the World Tree and is the axis mundi of the astral and physical worlds - my own creation as a child was a lift (elevator) and both reply upon visualising the interface, interacting with it, and sooner or later it infills with REAL power, and can really become your gateway and centrepoint.

You can use physical drumming (my preference, though not essential), or dance, or fasting, or entheogens, but whatever physical support you employ, you do have to see and hold this interface above all, to get rapid results.

Lady Eva for the reminder (CS) :smiley: You’ve given me before the practice of CS and the tree. I will use it but iam mainly focusing on a device in our plane.Ive found yesterday at the beach that if you focus on the sand for about 5 secs it cause’s a trance i got even in tgs! More invistigation required, Ill keep you updated

While it is true that to find some thing not being cheap is ratter subjective.
i would like to put this information here:

2 Coil Shakti – 85.00
4 Coil Shakti – 140.00
The two and four coil Shakti units are suited to gradual transformation, meditation enhancement and spiritual experiences.

8 Coil Shakti – $285.00
Meditation Enhancement, Out Of Body Experiences, Visions, Altered States, Lucid Dreaming, Visual Enhancements, mood enhancements, Bliss and other positive feelings Remote viewing. and other effects have been reported from this technology.

The Shiva Neural Stimulation System$649.00 (I bought this one i will post my experiences here on this forum when i received my product)
The Shiva system can be configured to do anything that any of the systems can do (Shiva, God Helmet, Shakti). Shiva is a an example of *circumcerebral (around-the-head) magnetic neural stimulation, a cutting-edge kind of “mind machine”. Both laboratory experiments and user reports tell us that it enhances spiritual, intuitive and psychic skills.

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I’d suggest the device to use and/or play isochronic tones or binaural beats. Both can help put people into trance states