Household offerings

What would be a decent household offering someone could make to a god. If it’s a god of wisdom, what offering, that’s available in your average household, would be acceptable for something such an invocation.

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My spirit is a fae dragon and when I ask she says things as simple as a bowl of lettuce or green candals they are simple things around my house and it is love by her to quote her [AN OFFERING TO ME ISNT HARD TO FIND OR COST THE WORLD IT IS THE THOUGHT AND THE FEELING IN YOUR HART WHEN YOU OFFER IT THAT COUNTS] hope this helps at all


Maybe some nice candle holder.


Its the intention of the offering so it could be something simple. Maybe a small statue of figurine of an animal related to them or their element. An owl, cat etc.


I’m Guessing it’s Athena? So go for things that are sacred to her, so perhaps something as simple as olives or a olive branch, the symbol of the owl or snake. different yarns as shes goddess of weaving too lol. If its not Athena i still suggest doing something similar with the other deities correspondances.