House Of Kel

When you are using a House sigil for evocation do do it the same way as any other sigil?
would you charge the sigil then chant “house of kel” till they appear?

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Yes, you open it like a regular spirit sigil. No, you wouldn’t chant “House of Kel.”

Once it opens, you would say something along the lines of, “Spirits of the House of Kel, I command you to take form before me, and to speak clearly, that i may understand you. Spirits, come!” Then, you can continue to chant, “Spirits, come!” until they are present.


How long does it take for entities to appear for you?

It depends on the spirits, but most of the time it only takes a few minutes for me.

thanks…i seem to hesitate soon as the room starts to blur.i know the size of the room doesn’t matter.:speak_no_evil:

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