House cleansing


howdy all.

i’m about to rent a new place when my lease is up here at college, and i went to see the place this afternoon. it’s fine and all, but it smells like… children. i can’t stand children.

i’m going to exorcise the place ad nauseam right after i move in. i’ll probably use something simple like the water exorcism in WoD (i.e, charge water, sprinkle, command energy to leave, repeat).

any thoughts on spirits to invite into the house for protection and inspiration? as part of my tradition, i usually call upon Lucifer as a kind of patron saint but i thought i’d ask for others’ suggestions. Belial is perhaps a little too energetic for this kind of work, and i really don’t want the archangels hanging around all the time, watching me… pee.

kind regards, james.