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Where do we Begin? That’s always the question that growled in the Dark. Couldn’t see it Clearly the lines in the Sand. From Osiris I was given, haha basically that’s fertile soil, cause I was conceived on the land. Set and Au Sety They once had a start, until he then left her to play in the sand. “Let’s run away Egypt” said Akhenaten or Set yeh this Man. He then left Dear Egypt With Isis, then found he Anat/Astarte. When Isis, his sister wife who was first named Au Set, Got plans to Reverse what he did.
He grabbed the Nile oasis and cut off its head. Scattered it in 14 directions to later be tribes. Then built he a Temple to worship and plan “Baal and his Consort” The house of El. Now wait who’s that? You ask in the mirror, oh shit Anat-Bethel that was her name. As bethel Literally meaning Womb owned by God. Which yeh that is El. Read this quite slowly and get yourself inside the lines. There’s nothing but Truth here.Nah Let Your mind, May Decide. Wampau Na’hath Nashoba Eloym

So wait, did he essentially divorce Au Set for Anat? Or does he have them both as wives/consorts at the same time? It sounds like Au Set disliked what Set did? Was he essentially cheating on her? Has she come to accept his relationship with Anat? HAve they worked things out? What’s the status on that?

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Not so confusing when I go research through the Jewish lines.

@Nate - You ask a lot of questions. Keep asking, questions are so important. Have fun!

Yes! She’s okay with the relationship, if my feelings are correct on this one. I work directly with Goddess Aset, or known as Goddess Isis.




Anat was venerated side-by-side with YHWH. In this path she is known as Anat-Bethel. It is unclear whether the epithet Bethel specifically relates to that ancient holy city whose name literally means “House of El” or “House of the Lord.” Anat and YHWH were venerated together in Bethel but also shared temples in Egypt (Hermopolis, Memphis) and so were not tied exclusively to one location. It is possible that Anat is the House of El in the same manner that Hathor is the House of Horus (a metaphor meaning “Womb of Horus”). This may indicate that the female deity’s womb is reserved for the seed of the male deity or that she is his mother, depending on interpretation. The term Bethel was used by Phoenicians in North Africa to refer to megalithic sites, including those incorporating burial mounds.

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