Hopeless with this target he is far too strong for me I tried everything for so many time

Frustrated and annoyed I can’t outplay a simple defense I tried my magick on something even more basic nothing, Oh that times where I could have just force my will on my target this is the time that I feel nothing is working anymore… no matter how happy I’m how certain seems like I have lost my power. I miss that times where everything went right… did my research offered everything tried my self personally sending energy absolutely nothing I’m blocked, I feel like a fucking loser and a failure seems like I can’t even heal my self… even angels wouldn’t listen to me now how fun… let’s offer some more things for absolutely disaster the universe hate me now even angels backing fire on me :expressionless: like I said it’s working for limited amount of time and then everything is going on reserve and ending up in a disaster


You need mind death. Gota clear out all that baggage homie.

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Return to the void.


How, Can you explain more specifically what’s your advice ? I really need someone cause I feel clueless

I want to cry why I can’t get back things back to normal when I’m trying my best being positive being certain and everything going on reserve what is going on :cry: so many great memories and now nothing

Divination would be helpful. Do a reading for yourself or get someone else to do one. It can help pinpoint what’s going on.

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Looks like reverb when I view your energy in the astral. It’s easier for me to see than to explain. Basically yer in a big energy wave that’s conjoined lots of different emotions causing an overload.

I’m going to bed very soon but I don’t mind going back and forth over the next few days if you want to chat in your thread or pm. I’ll respond.

How old are you? How long have you been into magick and stuff?

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I have been into magic for about two or three years the experience was very positive enlightening generally, Perhaps I’m trying to push too hard and even my release isn’t genuine I’m 21 what I have noticed is that after I’m waking up everything is going wrong just in my sleep I’m getting good news a lot of obsession it wouldn’t leave my head depending on how valuable and important this ritual is, But yea you’re welcome at any time bro if you want me you know where you can find me.

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I’m 31. My emotions started settling down more in my late 20s. When we are young our soul is fresh and unpressed upon. But gradually throughout our life soul is pressed out of us. Soul is like a residue that lingers. Soul is the biproduct of thought, feeling, and action. Everything we do causes us to produce soul. As you get older your capasitors expand allowing you to handle more and more. Don’t worry about the emotional bursts.

If you are feeling down about a particular thing or series of things then I’m sure you will find the way to resolve your issue. Finding a way is part of human nature. Struggles are meant to be overcome. Struggle is a part of all life. As much as we’d like to live some ideal life most of us have to deal with the ups and downs of mundane life. You got it bro.

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what spirits did you use and what did u want to happen to him?

Hey bro I have listened to your advice my blockage was that I tried hard to distract my self which caused me a lot of stressed rather than being submissive and accept that it’s not the end of the world regardless of the results of the ritual I just accepted this emotion did some rituals and guess what they all went perfectly fine, I felt like it’s life and death where in the other rituals previously I just knew it’s going to come and didn’t care that much, The more hard you’re trying to distract your self the more you’re trying to put it out of your head t rather than accepting any outcome the more likely the ritual will be a failure, I’m amazed by how everything working out perfectly so far I’m very happy you made me reach this conclusions now my subconscious knowing that it’s ok if it will fail not the end of the world, Instant results wow that’s what going on every time I want this here and now but that’s creating a lot of nervous energy so I’m just accepting any outcome and focusing on my desire I’m surprised how well it’s working so far, Cheers bro, I will say that again you can’t get it out of your head unless you’re in a deep sleep everyone saying that is a complete hypocrite you can have all the distraction in the world friends social life everything you will still find that moment to think about that eventually

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Set it and forget it is a law of magick that most agree on. It seems this law is not being adhered to in your situation. You’re too attached to the results.

You can’t forget it that’s a fact just accept it that’s just nonsense your subconscious will always remind you this aspect in your self… no offense but the more you will try to disconnect from this you will get more and more attached why not just accept this emotion in you and move forward ? Like accepting your self so far it’s working amazing for me

It’s a nice rhyme that illustrates a point. Acceptance and release is the point. Your subconscious is precisely what you want to remember it. It’s the conscious mind you want to let go of it.

You can’t get rid of your subconscious it’s a part of you it’s either you accept it or in deny which making it more horrible, Try having a laugh with a friend outside try do something interesting and tell me this precious rituals wouldn’t pop in your subconscious mind

You are a being of infinite power and potential at all times…
It’s just a matter of knowing how to actively wield it - ceremonial magick is definately where it could start, for the best possible results.

try this

call Archangel Michael,

say In the name of my I AM-presence, may all be added for the perfect completion of my intent in this ritual.
then adding
By my almighty I AM-presence do I call you forth, A. A Michael, and greet you with the fullness of the christ (what this does is harmonize any being with your heart chakra, christ means ‘divine heart’ represented in many things, such as the heart of the All, represented as your heartchakra, a cosmic field and other divine cells in you and in many things. Handy can be to not see it in a religious context - but in pure technical terms, like in the components of one cosmic engine, that works as one congruent whole.
do I wish to ask for…;

ask for

Absolute clearing
Absolute protection
Automated self-defence with neutralization to any degree necessary

by my almighty I AM-presence do I wish to give thanks, love and respect with the fullness of the Christ, to all assisting in this operation, and closing the ritual.

Boom! you’re good to go and on a roll…;

P.S. why the Christ?
because that’s how you establish a perfect heart-based relation with any being, demon or angel, from you to them, first and foremost. As they will also reflect that benevolent attitude back to you.
The Christ stands for equality oneness love respect sovereignty truth(reality) peace -

A ritual through ceremonial magick helps your request to be more permanent.
and you can go to sleep with ease…;

you can combine angelic and demonic magick with archangel michael included if you wish;
archangels are related to the sacred masculine part of the mind and demons to the feminine part of the mind
with mind I mean god-mind, and are in fact to parts of one mind, that can work together.

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You haven’t understood me because I didn’t say get rid of your subconscious. I said let your subconscious take over and manifest it. I’m saying the opposite of what you think I’m saying. Just trying to help, not to argue. :ok_hand:

How is that arguing I don’t get your point I’m just stating facts” It’s the conscious mind you want to let go of it” well that’s the point it doesn’t even make any sense as this statement is impossible to do.

Been there done that with all possible angels

It seems like you didn’t read my previous comment ?