Hope for a new Pagan empire

I was obsessed with Paganism since I was a kid and among Pagan empires I love Babylon,ancient Egypt,ancient Greece, and Rome the most…

If you think of it nowadays every religion has its own nation for example Christians have the Vatican and Muslims of course have soooo many nations and Jews have Israel but what about the real gods and goddesses ?

Unfortunately Satanist,Luciferians and followers of other similar paths are not united and they don’t have enough wealth or enough UNITED followers for gaining political power and of course wherever they go the religious people of that nation will…well you know what happens

So I did a lot of research and I could find some Abrahamic SECTS of popular religions which have the chance of becoming a new Pagan religion…

For example nowadays many Jews believe in Kabala and they can be easily corrupted and paganised but unfortunately only a Jew (born of a Jewish mother) can even attempt to do such things which would of course be attacked by the rabbies

But if you do your research about the Jews you will see that they really hate all the so called prophets(my personal opinion based on how they describe THEIR OWN PROPHETS) and well. about Jesus they don’t even believe in him and in their Talmud they have really mocked him for example they say that Mary was a whore and would sleep with everyone and this Jesus was actually son of a Roman soldier

Another thing about Jews is that they strongly believe in and use magick (unlike what they display publicly) and they had been practicing magick for thousands of years

They believe that they are offsprings of god which is another Pagan belief that is taken from Greeks and Romans (Romans believed they are descendants of their god of war Mars and Greeks believed they are descendants of their own god of war Ares but this one was only believed among Spartans)

So we can easily see that Jews are very much like Pagans

Another thing I found was a sect in Islam called Shia…

Basically Islam has 2 sects which are the Shia and the Sunni and other sects will be categorized under these 2 sects

Shia are just soooo damn Pagan and because of that the Sunni are killing them and oppose them so much

Shia Muslims literally deified all of their dead religious leaders and built giant temples for them and of course a lot of gold is used in building those temples and like many Pagan temples they are golden

They pray to those deities and believe they have the power to help them but among the Shia there are different sects with different beliefs for example some of them believe that only one of those deities is actually a god along side Allah while the rest are only holy men but some others believe that they are all gods while some others believe that they aren’t gods but still they pray to them and go to their temples and believe they have powers

And just like Jews…Shia are into magick as well and according to my research regardless of the fact that Quran forbids magick just like the Torah does still the Shia practice magick and evocation or go to such people for help

When I was doing my research I noticed a lot of similarities between Judaism and the beliefs of Shia Muslims so it would be possible that they were originally Pagan religions

In Christianity the only thing I could find was an old type of magick employed by the church but that involves their Jesus Lol

I know that the idea of corrupting such religions wouldn’t work but without people which are large in number and strongly believe in something and are motivated for taking action and have political power no one can make this happen

And the reason I opened this topic is because I want to know what others here and what Demons think of this and hope for a new Pagan empire so please share your thoughts with me or what a demon would like to say


Both Judaism and Islam were based on polytheism but became radical monotheism. Most Jews aren’t even religious though.


Funny you say that because ive been thinking of making an astral realm like a pagan city with all pathenons called atrikos


Yes I’m aware of that but what I’m saying here is that if you can turn water into ice then of course you can turn ice back into water

Meaning that these 2 religions have the chance for becoming a new Pagan religion(going back to their Pagan roots)


There’s a thread about this! :+1:


Thank you @Lady_Eva it is very interesting but actually that’s like 200 steps ahead of what can be done at this point…

They must be corrupted very slowly

If not they’ll reject it

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That’s already happening.

Look up the terms: Ugaritic Pagan, Semetic Pagan, Jewish Neo-pagans, Jewitch, Abrahamic Pagan, Cristopagan, Christian Witch.


Natural diasters and diseases get people questioning religion, there’s an argument the black death led to the Enlightenment here, which has indirectly led to saner forms of Xianity and ultimately, us.


Personally, I’d rather have a secular society, niether Pagan, Abrahamic, or otherwise.


Not necessarily, some people in Asir region in Saudi Arabia revived Thul Khalsa’s cult until the wahabi movement destroyed the idol and shut the shit down.


That was the 1800’s


If you want to know more.

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The core philosophy needs to hold something more than whatever fell away to Islam & Christianity before, for sure.

Secular kind of works, but then caves to anything stronger, because its value of “hey my ideas are no better than yours, let’s all just be tolerant” are great to live in, until something stronger shows up that has people who don’t think that way, who want your land, resources, and women, and won’t back down.

And that’s more or less always going to happen.

Got to give Islam credit where it’s due, because they’re just pissing all over secular European values right now, and the best anyone has come up with it “my value is ‘don’t be mean’ so please stop being mean to us just because.”

Not really the kind of thing people can rally behind, and defend at any great cost… :roll_eyes: