HooDoo Trivia: Herbs, Roots, Curious for Success, Power and Luck

As promised, here is a post on some of the hoodoo herbs, roots and curious to carry for success, luck, etc.

I have a small mojo bag that I carry with me with the herbs inside including my petition written in it. You can get only one of the items listed below and carry it with you or all of them or some of them. There is no hard and fast rule. Just keep it close to you and dont show or tell anyone you have it.

Dragon’s blood - attract good luck
Silver dime - good luck
John the Conqueror Root - personal power-
Solomon Seal Root - wisdom
Goldenseal Root - wisdom
Five finger grass - for success in every endeavor
Pyrite - attract wealth. Its also known as fool’s gold
Alligator paw - to harness every opportunity
Lodestone - to draw luck
Juniper - success and prosperity
Bay Leaves - success in money
Basil - money and riches
Flax Seed - money, protection, psychic powers, healing

There are many more but this is what I had written down in my book. A simple google search will teach you a lot on hoodoo herbs for success. I personally carried just a small piece of John the Conqueror root in my bag for sometime before I graduated to a mojo bag. Hoodoo gives good feels and for now I will take any little magick.

Happy Monday guys!!! Drop in any question you like and I will try my best to answer.


Have you found your luck, money, prosperity, etc, substantially changed after you created this mojo bag? Like, do you get a steady, noticeable flow of blessings, riches, etc?

I activated my mojo bag only last week. I need to spend some time everyday meditating with it. Remember its the intentions!! They need to be strong, coming from the deepest part of your soul.

But with John the Conqueror root alone I have had crazy successes from getting a high paying job, people that were not agreeing with me for 2 years literally agreeing with me overnight. Just that one root alone and nothing else. I will hold the root in my palm and wish my intentions. I need to work on my mojo bag more.

I recently had a new boss that started last week that is all over the place annoying the crap out of me. I have to work on her. Either do a honey jar with her or a boss fix powder. Again dont do it with a super serious mindset, do it as fun.

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I went back to check on the details of John The Conqueror root. I purchased this on Sep 7 2019 and it was shipped on Sep 13. I must have recieved it Sep 15 and I started my new job on Sep 23 with the title and pay I wanted.

Now with the person who did not agree with me for 2 years backed out on Sep 25 2019.

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