Hoodoo - the beginning

I’ll be honest, I just read Working Conjure from beginning to finish today at work. I feel like this practice is genius and authentic.

Do any weathered workers have advice for someone that would like to start using Conjure spells and charms?

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Check out a book called 365 days of hoodoo.


Rely on your instincts and not necessarily what the page calls for when it comes to root working and implementing it in your practice.

If it’s expensive beyond your means or hard to get- use the working anyway and substitute what feels right. The intent and energy you put into the work matters more than the ingredients and the nature or plant spirits associated with the herbs will lead you appropriately if you open yourself up enough to be lead and allow them to influence your intuition.


Hoodoo is very practical. Start using it for the small everyday things as well as the big things.


I feel these are things I understand but I am having a quandary about it.

I am already in one system which works and is completely distant from Christianity and god the father.

I don’t believe in god. I don’t like the Bible. Even if it works just by some emphasis. Also, it’s explicitly an ancestral practice of African Americans which I am not one.

I can’t, with a clean conscience, say that hoodoo is for me, even if it works.

Did anyone have the same mindset at first?


You don’t need to work with god, Christianity or with saints to practice hoodoo, or Incooperate root working into your practices.

I don’t🤷🏼‍♀️. I don’t consider myself a hoodoo practitioner, but that was where I started because if you follow the religious aspects then yes most be Christian. It didn’t seem like quite as big of a jump off the deep end from where I was.

I’m not a voodoo practitioner and I work with the Loa too so all I can say is you can dump the religious part of almost any type of magic and still have a workable frame.

Combine that frame with a few others, or throw in your current practices and skill sets and make it your own, and you might just find some of this shit doesn’t need to be the way it’s presented publicly as far as the religious parts go.


Hi @Wahnfried

I know this goes somewhat off topic, but the Greek Magical Papryi is a historical document that perfectly illustrates just how much borrowing of magical paradigms and religions was going on during that time. I think the date estimation is from several hundreds of years BCE.

As far as Hoodoo goes, Harry M Hyatt actually noted that a lot of the conjurers that he interviewed were white Caucasians. Dr. Buzzard I believe, if my memory serves me right, was a white man.

Finally, its a tenuous connection, mainly because of the Bible’s description of King Solomon summoning these demons, but some accept the idea that the Goetia demons come from the ancient Levant/Mesopotamia. One could argue that anyone not of Levantine,Arab descent shouldn’t be evoking this particular class of demons. Thankfully, I don’t personally believe that!

As for Koetting, I’ve not read any of his materials yet, so I can’t pass any comment.

Good luck!


Friendly request to please keep identitu politics OFF this topic, many thanks.


Try some evocation through the lucky hoodoo grimoire bizarre little ‘book’ –