Hoodoo oils in love spells

I wanted to know what you guys think about the importance of hoodoo oils in love spells. As far as I am concerned, I ve done mostly sex magick, candle magick and a lot of demonolatry . I am asking this because i feel that demons can help a lot more and faster than hoodoo and I wanted to know some other opinions.

From my understanding, following your instincts Is always good.
In comparison to what you’ve stated, I’d just recommend to include it into your rituals as an incense. Charging it, and using it towards targets, as well as the act itself, will quickly rush the energy into your daily life, since you connect it quite deeply to the exact use.

How ever, I’d charge it with bodily fluid from the opposite sex, for the beginning.

That’s generally increasing your connections, communications as well as attraction towards (in my case ~ females). I used that method before considering magic (or learning about it).

It granted big results by very low effort, as I just followed my own rule : to get a girl, wear the emotions, smell and happiness from your last lay.
If necessary, get laid before picking up a new girl.

~ well, that’s at least how I 've done.

Best regards.

WOW I never thought of that Yberion. Thanks I’m kind of in the same boat. When it comes to the oils all they are is oil mixed with colored dye. Theres nothing in them but that. Maybe some arent just that. But all the ones in the botanicas in Nj and Ny are just that. I know because I met one of the wholesale Botanica owner that makes them. he said yeah its just dye and oil. I personally just use sticks and herbs. Mostly its the spirits that you work with that do the job in my experience. But my godfather in Palo uses the oils and all his spells work really well. But thats because he has his Nganga to do the job. anything that you do you use you should let sit on top of your Nganga or let the spirit charge it for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu9iVOVYNkA this guy is pretty good

Dear Jaysalamone,

i agree with you on several levels!

First of, the content of the video is good. simple examples, of how to connect the things an put it on use.

I’ll also share an example:

I recently found myself having long hours of company with a girl wich obviously seeks for some things i seek as well, (possible sexual connection upcomming…)

But also haves clear turn offs wich draw me back from it.

I turned towards Sallos, but rather then evoking him fully i carved his sigil in a tee light, added blood from my own venes to it and watched it all the way as it burned down. Oh, not to forgett i had a piece of her hair into it, wich was so obviously delivered to me, as if someone clapped on me “Hey, do something with it! it’s yours!”

OK, For one side, i was faszinated by the obvious altered, energy and portal activity going on in the flame.
For the other side, i knew if i just pushed it to a full outcome, setting terms, i’d screw it up for the same reason i started it: i feel not well about the result she want’s to have happening with me.

Why is that importend?

I mainly abserved the energy radiating.
Now no matter how i think and feel about it, this simple ritual allowed me to grow more acceptance and openess towards it.
It also allowed me to set some thought’s into it, without going the usual “i want this and push it into becomming so” - aditude.

But most importend, as the wax and blood burned, it allowed me to harvest a charged material for further use:
The rest of the wax-blood mixture was burned a few extra times, to comprimate the blood and remove more wax.
This created a Wax, wich i can add into a new candle or spell, or if necessary turn into a food component (add it to anything while frying)

The initial intend and of course the value of my own blood is already there, leaving place for new intend to add up onto it, by next use.

There is also a portion of Sallos energy combined into it already.

For ingreadients i would always differ those stages:

Pure clean base ingredient.

Mixture or purificated base ingredient.

Ingridient charged by own will, emotions, energy.

Ingridient charged by Spirit.

Incense charge by selveral spirits / energys.

Incense charge by participating it into a lighter ritual before.


There is a huge gap, where a full exhausting ritual completly structured the ingridients into one way, on all of it’s layers.
That one will, if used into anything else again, mess up, both, the initial ritual, as well as the new one.
This also counts towards result’s you’ve already gotten.

For example a car you’ve got crashes after being proven by mechanics to be fully ok.
A Job turning completly bad or rushing into a notice.
A relationship gained before, turning into devorce.

That just says it as clear as i can. Don’t do it if you made yourself depend on it.
The same rule goes for evocation: if you completly depended on an outcome and then turn back away from it: be ready to expect drawbacks and problems before coming to the new desired outcome.

Why is that?

You want a River to flow to a new coast!
Therefore it’ll crush everything in it’s way to get there, wich was perfectly fine before, having the river next to it and therefore being healthy feeded.

Tho, that’s my thoughts on this.

Sorry for such long story.

Oh and i almost forgot: you’ve noticed the way he describes making own oils did ya? Combine Herbs that belong to the topic you work on, concentrate them into a oil (oil and wax are pretty close to each other, the have the natrual ability to bind ingredient’s specialy on the “light” areals like smell, taste and color. for example putting it in pure alcohol instead of oil will rather make a faster stronger output of it into the world when burned. while in oil or wax it gains time to burn, more covered, more smoothly released.)
That will quickly remove the problem of “just colored oil”, as you’ll start to color it on your own, by side, when you put ingredients into it.
Most people oversee how our natrual storge of food, and chemicals in our daily life is very usable for this!!
In Fact magic always began on "what do i have, and how can i use it for better outcome"
Only now, we life in such a fortune that makes us go online shopping Sea Salt, becouse our’s is cleaned to death, or Buy gemstones and herbs from the opposite of the world.



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I have to disagree on one thing. I will never use my own fluids in any spell ever!!! 2 examples. My friend went to a sack santero for help getting his girl back. The Santero said cum on a candle and light it. Think of getting the girl back. He said it works great. My friend and I both tried it. And a week later we were both obsessed with the girls we wanted back. But the girls didn’t want us. My friend and I both went to my godfather in Palo Mayombe. We told him what we did and he said duh. U idiots put love spells on your self’s. He gave us both baths and the next day we were back to normal. Ur putting our essence on the candle not there’s. When it comes to demons. I came on a plate and gave it to ladilok. I was depressed for 6 months. I couldn’t even get out of bed. I barely left my house. I went a vedic shaman for a cleaning. During the cleaning he stopped and came back with this big crystal. After the cleaning he said what type of entities have u been calling because what ever you had on you was a bad mother fucker. I had to call in spirits that I use only for emergencies. That’s why I’ll never use my own blood or cum. I’ll sacrifice a rooster or a goat. But never my own blood. I always eat the animal unless i clean the person with the animal first.

Personally, I think all that oil/herb stuff is bs.

I definatly get you, and that’s some serious issues you’ve expierienced.

However, my expiriences with it are definatly different.

I used Sacrifice of my blood for love matter, and - it’s work is still ongoing.

Not the simple flat idea my balls tell me, but instead real effect in my opponent, wich i saw just yesterday evening when she was unsure abouut leaving and i forced her to go, since i had an early, long day before me.

i also feel change in me. i do. but it goes along with my desires, less emotionaly, more inspiritative.
I have answers and solutions popping up in my head, just by going through my daily life.

I also got into a gem store, rather my body moving me in than my mind, wich was still arguing against it.

Inside i was welcomed like i belong there, from a very kind, old lady, wich also teached me some advices.

In the last few day i’ve basicly had a self-made candle dinner wich was absolute fun to do, while normaly i’m very lazy in cooking,
I improved my flat,
Improved my magical acessory,
I started to re-charge a very importend amulett i normaly don’t take of at any time,
I created a sigil for my personal use in a fashion wich is subtainable at least for a few month,
i also got my car broken so i was forced to do a repair i didn’t want to go for but was risking legal problems by not solving it.

Even tho, i know Sallos is working along with me, behind my back,
I’m comfortable and trustful.
And that feeling grows right at the moment.

Don’t see a benefit of doing it with such bad memories and therefor also fear on it, so yes. I don’t recommend you to use it unless youself think it’s worth it.

But for me.
It’s impressing.

Best Regards,


It’s posts like that that really make me happy to be involved in these arts. I actually feel really inspired by your post Yberion so thank you. I often find myself in true happiness when I am performing ritual work. I actually think about it all day and when the time comes, usually midnight or later, I’m just so full of energy that I could explode. I absolutely love it.

I used to get high on magick too :slight_smile: