Hoodoo & lunar phases


I’ve put off beginning using High John root for two months to be clear and ready to move forward with the work. It’s waning moon right now but this is a life change / financial overcoming work. I don’t think lunar phases matter right?

It can matter, it matters as much as you want it to imop. The moon phase can be a powerful addition to the work if you can harness that energy and apply it, but if you don’t really know what that means, it’s the same as doing it on any other day.

I tend to do things on whatever day I need to do them, or even to follow when we have a solar storm event on the K-index instead, as they are much more frequent and my energy meshes with the sun well, but the moon feels foreign and unwelcome to me.

It’s kinda like planetary hours- used appropriately it can drive more energy into your working but if your clueless you won’t notice much difference.

Just my conjecture on the subject, YMMV.


Tarot before tonight led me to work another charm.

I think if it’s always good to read cards to get a second opinion before work

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:slight_smile: It never hurts if you can read for yourself, not everyone can tho, so a friend to read for you is a good backup plan too :slight_smile:

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