Hoodoo doll for curse

Hi all guys, I need some advice: my friend is the victim of a curse made with a hoodoo doll, all this to make her ugly and make her become monstrous, in fact she changed her eyes’ color, they are no longer green but they have become dark and off and even her hair is turning white like an old woman, she is young. Being black magic, how can it be neutralized?

There are many threads with good info and discussions about this - hit the magnifying glass icon, and try something like “break a curse”.

Does she know who has done this to her? One easy spell is to mirror box the person who did this to her by putting their picture in a box of mirrors. I can give specific details if needed but if you google it , its very very simple to find and make.

Also spiritual cleansing baths can get rid of the curse work. AGRIMONY** is one of the all-around best herbs for removing a black magic curse. http://www.herbmagic.com/agrimony.html

Luckymojo also sells the uncrossing bath crystals https://www.luckymojo.com/bath-uncrossing.html

If it is very serious, it will be better to go to a practitioner as it requires extensive work but the baths and mirror box is a good starting point.

Also she can keep protection crystals with her. BLACK TOURMALINE and LABRADORITE are good and very cheap to obtain but there are others too.

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