How much a month do you blow on candles and incense?
Looking at just one book that approached conjure, has tons of different types of candles and incense.
Who’s the best wholesaler? I know of Lucky Mojo. My local shops charge an arm and a leg for stuff.

Are you talking about candles that have already been prayed over (for lack of a better word) and fixed with herbs or just the regular candles that have pictures on them that say “Road Opener” or “Pay me now”?

Neither is actually necessary to practice. The history of Hoodoo is using what you have available to get the results you want.

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Im talking mainly about the incense, since theres Tonis of titles beyond normal LH/RHP selections.
Looking for real candles, although some of the folk or dressed candles would be interesting.
I want to get a shit ton of candles.

A lot of people in the Hoodoo community question the authenticity of some of the more well known names. I’ve also noticed some of the small mom and pop shops are excessively expensive for certain things too. However, once you get a feel for Hoodoo you’ll realize a lot of stuff you see online is all flash and sizzle but no meat. If you ask some people they’ll say all you need are white candles and a book of psalms. Don’t forget Hoodoo was practiced by slaves.

How are you defining “real”? Like handmade? Or made from beeswax?


Sorry, not real candles, bulk candles. And bulk incense.

OK gotcha, this I cannot help with because I buy my stuff in person. Try to avoid having glass candles shipped to you, because they are ridiculously heavy and fragile so the cost will skyrocket.

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Try the bible conjure in Amazon,one of the best hoodies,root conjure u can get, like a enciclopedia but all original,and blood brujetia,Eric arrondo, authentic Mexican witchraft. Or get amazon kindle and buy subscription and u can read hundred of books more are trash,or copy’s of copy’s,some are jewels,

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