Hoodoo break up spells

Does anyone know any good Hoodoo spelss to break up a couple? I dont have any hair or any articles of clothing. All i have is pictures.

I’m just laughing at wanting to break people up. Kinda funny but a waste of energy.

I agree with UndeadGod, with the energy you invest into breaking up a couple you could probably manifest the chick you want.

Pictures will work. Sent you a PM.

Ya see, I’m begining to see more and more of this type of attitude of “…don’t waste your time doing this or that working…blah blah blah”…nobody needs that kind of condescending attitude. If you think its not worth doing, then fine. Of course I’m not against the idea of expression of one’s feeling towards another practitioner’s working but the point of the BALG forum is to exchange ideas, practices, ideas of how to approach magick and sorcery, etc…Just sayin’…btw kudos to you Azesiel!


I feel your right. But he does have a point. Instead of wasting my time trying to break someone up. I should spend the time trying to fix my life.