Hoodoo books?

Anyone know any good hoodoo or conjure books?


What type of conjure are you looking for? Deep south, Appalachian, or Deitsch?

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Honestly I’m looking at them all.

I’ll get a list together tomorrow. It won’t be huge, and mostly Deitsch Hexerei/Brauchurei but it’s a good place to start.


Mama star, and try tarostar.great books.

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The last one is a podcast focused on American folk magick.

Thats about all I can do for now. Most of what I know comes from Appalachia and the Pennsylvania Deitsch.




PM me. I can point you to a good source.

Alright. I want to try both hoodoo and voodoo as they’re both two different systems yet seem to run off of similar continumms.

Can I use Voodoo if Im a white person? Or it is closed for me? Thx for the answer

Of course you can. Magic doesn’t depend on your skin color.
A lot of people communicate with Norse gods and they don’t have to be white or vikings to do that.
In fact, Russian tradition incorporated a lot of voodoo rituals and they work perfectly for many people.

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Oh, but i heard that somewhere for example just Africans people should uses only voodoo.

By that logic christianity should be available to jews only :slight_smile:

If you are worried, though, you might want to try something else for starters and come back to voodoo when (and if) you are ready.