Honoring Lilith

are there any other ways to honor lilith except offerings and any form of art because trust me, if you would only see my handwriting you would probably think im chimp on crack. i wrote her a poem some time ago and she appreciated it but when i looked at it it was very cringy since im not good at things like that. idk, could climbing something like a tree or a building in her honor work since i am very good at that, or taking a cold bath in her honor as well?

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my opinion:

dont overthink it, just go from heart, when i worked with lucifer i used to give him red wine

i have some alcohol around, no red wine though and i can’t give her food offerings very often since idk how much food there will be around. i did give her a crystal as a gift and blood and orgasm as offerings but there are not many other things i can give

Those all work, but you don’t need to go that far, and you don’t have to keep changing it up.
The point is, imo, to feed the relationship with energy, and that can be as simple as connecting in and quoting, in a heartfelt way, a reaffirmation of your respect for her.
The poem is fine, anyone else’s poem is fine, try that and see how it goes.

i do reaffirm my respect for her and after the poem she helped me deal with some things so im very glad i did it

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