Honey Jar Success/Failure

Ok, so I dated this guy for about 7-8 months. Met a few of his friends, he met my kiddos, I was head over heels crazy inlove with this guy. I never had a problem with him boarding his female childhood friend whom he said had nowhere else to go, she and I got along for the most part, things seemed to be going well, right? hmmm
Well, we broke up or rather he broke up with me (every dumpee knows how that sucks). He basically ghosted me for 2 weeks and when I confronted him, it broke into a fight which led to the breakup. So there I was heartbroken, crying for days, ugh :woman_facepalming:t4:
Anyway, I decided to do a honey jar. Got myself some parchment paper, rose petals, researched and bought the corresponding herbs and stuff to put inside, added his hair etc. Lit a candle on the jar for 9 days straight and then every Mon, Wed and Fri. Did that for a month or so. I had so much faith in that honey jar, I tell ya! Went to a psychic reader who told me he was the one for me and he’s just going through a phase and told me to stop putting too much logic into the “ghosting” and she made me buy stuff so she could make an altar and burn a “come back to me” candle (I mean the things we do for this thing called love). Fast forward to what, 2 months after the breakup? I get some info that just shatters me into pieces, I mean what?? Turns out the dude and his so-called female friend roommate were in a rlshp all along and were playing me and using me as a convenience. My kids just happened to be collateral damage and he never cared about them at all, ouch!!
Lessons learnt from doing my honey jar:

  • An ex is an ex for a reason. I know some of you had the perfect relationships and your honey jars and love spells work, but there are those who ignore/miss some red flags along the way and no amount of spells will ever bring that person back. So no, the honey jar and spells didn’t backfire, you guys were just not meant to be. I mean, this guy publicly humiliated me, threw my clothes and stuff at me out on the road while the female stood there smiling and yet I still went and did a honey jar on him??? :woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4: My gosh!!!
    *The importance of divination. Do yourselves a favour and put energy and time into learning it. walk away from any psychic that tells you there’s some kind of blockage in your life and they’ll burn a candle for you that costs a ridiculous amount of money. They can sniff out desperate people and run your pocket dry. No, I didn’t allow her to burn me a $600 candle, but I believed her when she said “he’s just going through a rough patch” short for “keep coming back as I pretend to work with you, but we all know am just out for your money.” Not all psychics are scammers, but don’t be so desperate to the point where your judgment is clouded.
    Blessings to all.
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It’s nice that you learned this lesson, it helps you grow emotionally and integrate everything differently, good luck​:heart::four_leaf_clover:

I like data about love manifestations. I have been experiencing some very powerful normal ones lately, and yet my love ones take a while. I am going to figure out why.

One must know divine timing, trusting is never enough.