Honest Desperate need

I know nothing about necromancy but been interested past few months. Wanted to connect with my passed on family, whom all never believed in spirits.
What simple help can i get? Any.
My grandmother just died what are usual practises at this early stage?.. Be


Usually people mourn for a while tbh. Let her soul get situated before calling her up.


You have two options. They can crossover to you, or you can crossover to them.

If you’ll crossover to them, you’ll going to need someone experienced in that to guide you in the process. And it’s a bit complicated ritual. So the best available option is for them to crossover and communicate with you.

Easy method is to use a spirit box. Google : Psb-7 spirit box. And watch some videos on YT about it. Very practical and effective. You can also use a Ouija board, a pendulum or automatic writing.


My grandma in law passed away in october, I waited until January to call her to speak. Id give it a 3 month minimum to not cause some kind of nasty results

Thanks. How do u communicate? Ill try on other family members

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I use a sigil of Death to draw them in and have a specific setup for my communication

Are there ways of goodbye or releasing of their spirit safely?
M not yet developed psychically.

Ill search about that sigil and how it works. I really need every little help or links

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Message me. Ill give you mine

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I say just send them love and white light to fully cross over. You can create a full alter to them too. Forgive them as well. Someone that just passes needs a full year before I would try to talk to them.

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Sorry for your loss, you will absolutely be able to communicate with her in time, I am in contact with my own deceased parent and that’s a wonderful gift to have,

I just sent you part 1 of a tutorial for core shamanism, that will help you be able to speak to her in the spirit realms, contact me once you have your spirit animal and can get yes/no answers or symbols from it.

Opinions differ on what time it’s safe to communicate but you should be able to speak to her Higher Self safely very soon.


Thanks for the insights.
Do i send white light through visualisation?