Home spirits

I had this experience before in another house. Sometimes they show themself (I understand they are there) by making noises or scaring me little, but after I give an offer to them it’s not a problem for a long time. (offers are usually cakes, chocolates, etc.)
(I call them “home spirits”.)

Are they fairies ?
Has anyone had similar experiences ?

I recommend you to clean the places you evacuate, demons spread negative energy even if they don’t want it. And generally, different spirits can also enter along with the spirits summoned from the opened portal, they do not have to be parasites etc.


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You might look into the slavic myths about the house spirits otherwise known as domovoi домовой

They are said to watch over the home.

Otherwise it sounds like the fae running around.

I personally would cleanse the home unless you’re looking to make friends.

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