Home made candles or bought

I make my own and oils etc.


I usually buy mine, don’t have time to make them and anyway they look nicer. JMO. :slight_smile:


I haven’t made candles since the 5th grade, but it could be an excellent part of preparation for your magickal working. You can channel and meditate upon your intent, throughout the candle making process. I know that fashioning of a custom candle is an important part of certain Voodoo spells.

I would only possibly make them if they were the giant pillar candles one puts in homes to save money. Or I dunno probably just buy it outright. Anyone have any candles several feet high?

Yes, I’ve made wax poppets, never really occurred to me to make them in candle form but that could be good.

Im into making jar candles - have one burning now which I made yesterday - careful of that soya wax it looks so like chocolate – hmmm chocolate.


Beeswax candles always look SO delicious, they’re not really (I tried!) but I find them quite annoying to have round the house because they make me want to eat sweet foods! Same with anything wirh strawberry or orange scents, they just me my crave eating things. Glad I’m not the only one feels this way!

Give me a nice rugged black candle any day, that doesn’t subconsciously signal “Go buy Crunchie bars, Honey Nut cornflakes, and strawberry cheesecake”! :o)

Just don’t spill a beeswax or a soy candle. They are HELL to clean up. (speaking from experience here). I spilled one all over my ex-husbands Guitar Hero drum set. Hahahahaha!!! He deserved it though.