Home alone

So im home alone and I went downstairs for a minute im working on something when suddenly a hear someone walking around upstairs I go to check it out and theres nothing when suddenly all my baby sisters toys go off making a bunch of noise even if they dont work. Okay weird ya know so I go to my Chromebook I never logged out of it but someone logged out. Note that im the only one home so whatever. So I log back on and theres a doc labeled I see you and whatever ya know cause it says I made it so I open it and theres a long paragraph of everything Ive done that week and a link I open the link and my Chromebooks screen goes black and what appears to be animated blood drips down the screen with my name on it when its over the doc is gone and my Chromebook was the way I left it and all the toys turned off I tried the ones that didnt work to see if they were working but they wernt. So thats my story but im still going to be home alone.

Banish the fuck outta that place

I have a friend who tells me similar things, like seeing blood on the wall, phone malfunctioning, phone flying randomly across the room, things missing all the time.

Your experience sounds even worse, so banish

Why can’t you banish? Being “stuck living there” doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not you can banish.

Do you not understand what we mean by banishing? It is a ritual used to clear out unwanted energies and entities from an area.