Holy shit....some symbols from the gods vs the mind not taking symbols as fiction

So. After reflecting on the thought that one genius somewhere stated “The mind views symbols as fact” whilst trying to beautifully map some cuneiform symbols names of gods to have a pretty all in one picture for the seemingly sheer need for Anunnaki names in their own origins by some of the people on here I may have come up with a way to calculate vaguely a way to mix the spiritual world with the scientific world in a sense, the same way our ancestors did…

So here I was repeatedly copying the family tree… Abzu—- Tiamat—-lahmaru—- lahamaru—- (ansar and Kiser on the side as possibility—as I had once read Assur changed his name to Ansar to try to be above Anu{shame on you Assur. Take it up with me later…} Anu and Tiamat to Enlil and so forth)

But I began to remember as above so below…

I tried to tie Absu (abyss) to the he black hole. To space… to existence… I’ve decided while she has an intelligence and is a being that is very well conscious, Tiamat is also time, or the beginning of moving forward.

This makes absu hard to really place what he is, seeing as how time and Anu made lord wind (I have decided to either be “firmament” or atmosphere… as above so below.) Enki lord water came as a result of an atmosphere.

That being said (I know it is a bit rambley) I have often pondered the 5 point elemental system… earth—solid air—gas water—liquid fire—plasma(to exclude electricity) so chem reaction? Spirit—intelligence/consciousness.

So from there it is here. Abzu is N. Abzu is what you look at and say well what is it. He is a master unknown catalyst. (That means 2 things)

If you abandon progression (kill Abzu) Tiamat (time) will destroy you.

Also I understand how Newton’s law of relative gravity works on a spiritual level.

Back to the way to calculate the 2 together… and this is rough I’m just excited and hit a snag point… so f1=f2=G(m1xm2/r2) so that works with just planets and objects… makes everything work so well. Until something farts on a butterfly wrong and changes into a hurricane on mars… (law of attraction both relative and spiritual tie in together here… as something told you to get the chili instead of the hot dog. Mars. Hurricane. Get the tuna.)

I am sorry this is so long and I’m sure a genius already thought of this but what do y’all think?

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Not real math but here is my initial formula… if this works

Sigh looks like I’m having the worst time putting a pic on here… if anyone is curious lemme know… I’ll find a way to beat the inter webs if I gotta draw the thing again at a local McDonald’s.

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