Holy Ghost what?


Hello all great magician, lets make this story short, well see my fathers wife is a catholic psychic, and there do chathoic tarot reading use psychic abilities to find demons for they GOD, will there think there is a bad spirit in the house, thats what she claims, to me i see shit, well this spirits accroding to what she said to me, came out of the other room, and said get out, with a demonic voice, i said to myeslf awsome(in my head), she was crying went down stairs in fear, the expressions on her face was scary as shit!, these happen two days ago, will today her sister came to the house, there say she let the holy ghost use her, i thought she was going to come to my door, but then she swift to the other room and started saying Hallelujah, glory! to me i think its all in there head, do the holy ghost exist guys or is there just misakeing it with something esle?


Yea I’m Jesus Christ, the ghost does exist. It is my necromantic minion… as for these people, they seem pretty ignorant. What kind of asshole do they take the Lord for?


lol necromaster your funny im jesus christ, necromaster see what I have to go through every day, with ignorant people!!! She kept feeding the house with Incense smoke in thought that help cleanness the house, she didn’t even know that sage, was the stuff you use to clean the house of all energies.


Any entity you can think of will exist on some level, though whether or not they were actually interacting with anything, I have no idea. If some sort of demon really was there, you should try to find out what it is and maybe try to make an alliance with it.

But yeah and I thought the people I live with could be annoying, glad I don’t have to put up with those sorts of shanangans.


Defectron, i doubt it if she really seen a demon, but i well take you advice in speak with it, yea people i live can be very annoying, like they should read a book about spirits before assuming what they have seen on tv. Pretty interested if Any entity you can think of will exist on some level in the parallel universe, that sums up all my theories.