"Holy F***! Is this reality?

For the ‘greater good’ or to show your power, we need to work together. I am referring to practical workings to provide aid to those affected by SARS-CoV-2 resulting in the ‘coronavirus’ / COVID-19.

Expediency, or ‘we need to hurry the fuck up’, is what we should contemplate.

  • From Angels and Demons, by Henry Archer.
    • #54 ‘Nitael and Murmus’ -
      • “To bring confidence and strength to those working to keep an organization or business running.”
        • If you know (directly and indirectly) an individual who works in public service, medicine, mail, everyday clerks and cashiers ect this may help to stabilize your community during these changes.
  • From Lucifer and the Hidden Demons, by Theodore Rose.
    • Semeot, under ariton -
      • “Overcome nerves and anxiety in high-pressure situations.”
        • If you know (directly and indirectly) a doctor, nurse, ems personnel, police ect. they are stressed so this can serve to bring an “overstanding rather than understanding” [a paraphrase of Nietzsche]
  • From Healing Magick, by Rose Manning.
    • Azbugah, (with Yohach, Kalach, Noriyiron ect.)
      • ‘For Protection from Epidemics’
        • Self-explanatory. [given we all work to expanding our sphere of power/ability/whatever-the-hell] Begin with self, any you are close/immediate to, a community/street/locality ect.

Just a quick note to say this is okay, I did an earlier post at Coronavirus, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Magickal Working Thread but it probably jumped the gun and didn’t catch on, so no need to merge this, but just an important reminder to stay away from politics of any kind, please folks. :+1:


Actually I am enjoying the lockdown :slight_smile: