Holy child of Atocha

Does anyone have knowledge of or insights of this child?
Suppose to be all knowing. Protector of men, invalids, divine doctor of any illness.
Curious to know the back story.
And find some more knowledge on this healer.

I did find this :

It won’t let me past the issues page

I know Exu,and he seems to be associated with him.

Nightingale, I had that problem to when I tried to go back.

From what Ive read he seems to be the Christ child.
When men in spain were imprisoned the women prayed to the virgin Mary and child. The men in prison began to be fed by a mysterious child. The childs shoes in the statue or painting would then appear to be worn and dirty.
There are some stories from other countries as well.

Arcane, now Im off to discover who Exu is. :slight_smile:

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