Holotropic Breathwork

Ive been looking into holotropic breath work and some pranayama (i hope i spelled that right).
I have the wim hof breathing technique that I do in the morning before my yoga but now im looking into more.

This got me thinking about the importance of it when relating to our ascent as altered dtates of conciousness are prelevant for certain methods.
Some people even call it DMT breathing.

So I was curious what kind of breathwork members here did or which ones theyd reccommend.
Mist of the names derive from hindi (at least I believe) so the names are quite obscure for english.
Its not easy to type in like
Dmt breathing
Wim hof

I was also curious what experience you guys have had with it and how its helped you.

Cheers :+1:

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Wim Hof makes me feel pretty good when I do it and enter a deeper state in meditation if only briefly

I haven’t had as much success with any other method

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Wim Hof, I am learning a buteyko method too. As a manual therapist I am interested in other breathing methods too. Without going into supernatural or metaphysics, better breathing patterns activates seal-regulation of the body and makes us healthier every day.

Beside of therapeutic breathing I use several breathing techniques based on 4-fold breath. Most of them are nicely described in J. Miller Strategic Sorcery Also connected breaths as in rebirthing or Leonard Orr books.

Holothropic breaths I am the least interested for you need supervision more than in rebirthing.

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