HO-LY Crap!

After a lot of deep mediation and soul searching I decided to begin evocation for my ascent. I previously was content on evoking entities for material things (money or knowledge in my scholastic endeavors), but I had a nagging feeling that there is more, and that I was not living up to my full potential.

I read chapter 6 “Emissaries of Ascent” in my Chthonian Edition of Evoking Eternity and I could not decide if I wanted to evoke the Angels or the Demons to aid me in my ascent. I deliberated in my mind for a while and decided to open both Deggal’s and Belial’s sigil and scry into them to see which one was the path I needed to take.

My copy of “Evoking Eternity” is in my bedroom where my wife is fast asleep, but my copy of The Complete Works is right here on my altar so no biggie I could just look up the sigils needed from the Complete Works. I should mention that I am currently reading “Works of Darkness” and “Questing After Visions” and all 3 of the tassels are bookmarking pages in one of these 2 books. I have never opened to “Evoking Eternity” in The Complete Works as I read from my Chthonian Edition.

As I was trying to find Ch 6 in Evoking Eternity I found the Crimson Tassel bookmarking the section of Demonic Ascent, specifically the pages on Belial.

“Holy shit, no way.” was about all I managed to say. There is no way the Tassel could have ended up right there, unless acted upon by something. I am taking this as an invitation from Belial. So this brings me to my question (“What, you have a point to all of this?” you might be saying) Have any of you worked with Belial? I like to do at least a good week of research/getting to know any entity before I evoke them. I scry their sigil, read any lore about them, and try to hear any experiences that others had with the entity.

So anyone got any good (or bad) stories?

I have and continue to work with Belial. He has helped me numerous times even with things as mundane as getting me a seat on a sold out flight that I needed.
Belial from my experience is brutally honest and to the point. Very “earthy” presence and very strong. Don’t evoke him without a purpose. To me, working with Belial is like a having a Giant behind you ready to kick somebody’s ass for you. Sounds like he wants you to call him from what you wrote.