Hmmm. Sigil for a tattoo

Good idea or bad idea? Would it be a portal for them to possess do you think it could be whatever the intent is behined the meaning of getting it???


I would love to know about this as well :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I’m going to go with portal, and something to only do with a spirit you’ve worked with for a long time and trust.

You’re literally putting their symbol into your manifest form.


You know i have a question. Like always you cought me at a good time lady_eva and maybe theres a thread on this. Google amd countless youtube videos say lucifer is jesus and lucifer is the light messenger and that satan is either pan, herne or the planet saturn not to sound pissed im lost. All of this seems to be my pagan gods twisted in modern times… Besides some the goetic demons

Fuck it i know you get tired of the millions of questions i feel like everyone has a different idea and whatever works well works. Ill ask each name and look throught history until i find the truth.

I don’t mind questions, but I have 0% interest in anything to do with jesus as a historical personage, all thet desert cult stuff leaves me totally uninterested, so I don’t really care or have an opinion.

I also have very little interest in Lucifer tbqh, if I want to work with a point of emerging consciousness and probabilities, I’ll contact Kek, because the Egyptian and older gods are more to my liking. :slight_smile:

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Yea see i love the egyptian gods ra set thoth isis Osiris anubis that to me makes sense. Greek and norse does too. But ive been up all night trying to figure out what lucifer = and just about everybody says hes jesus thats dissapointing. I turned to the left hand path and thought he was the king of kings :scream:


The romans fucked up shit


Is kek a god if so im doing a evocation to find answers

Read this, it explains all about Him:

This isn’t a joke, or a made-up thing, there’s archaeological evidence:

My UPG is that, at a level of manifestation before the physical, and above and beyond (behind?) many other spirits, there arose a need for chaos to generate things which had never existed before, to prevent stagnation and collapse.

This collapse would otherwise have arisen because without the chaos, the powerful randomness, the manifest forms and outcomes, which are determined by probability, would have been already-known, seen (and therefore observed, and collapsed) - this chaos may have taken masks or forms, one of which is known as Set.

Set defeats Apep in the lore - Apep being, in that example, the collapse into decay.

That roaring dark storm gave rise to a lucid point of complete isolate awareness, which some call Lucifer.

Another version of this may be Keket, the female black snake of chaos, who gave rise to Kek, her husband, who manifests as the lucid point of consciousness that emerges from chaos (as a frog emerges from the waters).

All of these, Lucifer, Set, Kek and Keket, are “satan” in one sense, adversaries of the “light,” clockwork-like, probablistic force.

A primordial sea, or milk, or animal (wild beasts are chaotic to us) that’s slaughtered by one man or a group with wisdom are found throughout the world’s creation stories.

it also represents the coming-into-awareness of human life, from the maletrom of helplessness, emotion, and frustrations of babyhood, into dawning self-awareness, realistion that the world is Other, and can be manuipulated by us.

That’s my take on it, but I probably left things out. :slight_smile:

Further sources on Kek (since he gets a lot of attentoin round here!):

Kek and Keket in some aspects also represent night and day, and were called “raiser up of the light” and the “raiser up of the night”, respectively.

As a god of the night, Kek was also related to the day - he was called the “bringer-in of the light”. This seems to mean that he was responsible for the time of night that came just before sunrise. The god of the hours before day dawned over the land of Egypt. This was the twilight which gave birth to the sun.


[quote=“Lady_Eva, post:10, topic:14521”]
That roaring dark storm gave rise to a lucid point of complete isolate awareness, which some call Lucifer.
[/quote] …That right there answers all my questions. Theres to many mask and false stories in world. Thanks lady_eva i shall begin my reserch )0( many blessings :heart_eyes:

To try and be fair to them, some Xians believe the “Christ consciousness” is the next point of awareness, from isolate to ascended, I (as I said) have no interest in that but it’s not really mainstream church dogma in the west, and you’d need someone with more interest than me to analyse the Eastern Orthodox’s stance on this.

I think they’re taking either a very modern and/or ancient concept and using it to add depth to an existing religion, but they’re not bothering me by so doing and may be doing something useful, dunno.

IMO that same elevated consciousness, not just isolate but ascended and commanding godlike powers here on Earth, can also be found and modelled in the many God Kings, priests and priestesses, oracles, shamans, and sacred magicians (male and female) in ancient stories - “mythology” as it’s normally known.

The act of self-identifying with a god or force of nature is openly discussed in the PGM and implied in the ancient cave paintings of what seem to be shamans or leader, with the attributes of animals, or wearing animal-like masks.

And one of the reasons the slave religions attempted to lock down magick (direct interaction with spirits, using methods to predict the future, and alter reality) IS that it mimics the acts of a god.


it binds the spirits current to your blood when you tattoo a sigil. I’ve done it

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