Hmm, I just had a thought regarding the greek gods/titans

Has anyone ever tried to evoke them? It just occurred to me that if they are evoke-able, they might be the best entities for me to work with, since I have always been fascinated with greek mythology since I learned about it in school a few years back.

EDIT: Ok posted prematurely, used the search function and found my answer lol. Anyway, instead, my question is now - have any of you worked with one of them before? and if so, what was the experience like? Did it yield fast results?

I haven’t worked with any Greek entities although I would love to.
I have however came into contact with Odin and worked with him for a couple of days.
It was when I first got my rune set so I used those to connect with him in a way.
It was surprisingly easier than I imagined.
When I first got my runes I started to skry into them mainly working with Fehu.
I found something called “runic yoga” which has easy postures but are hard to stay in for long periods of time.
You basically stand in the stance forming your body into the shape of the rune.
I did this with an altar set up for Odin with mean and a statement that I had translated from English to the runic alphabet and sigilized Odin’s be in runes.
The statement was a simple petition for him to come.
It was all written in black marker taking up am entire page of computer paper so I opened the entire page and would just vibrate his name yo feel his presence.
The most intense experience I had was when I opened the statement and sigil and took the Fehu stance and called out his name and soon started swooning back and forth in rapture and instead of seeing Odin himself my room lit up with static golden light (that’s the only way I know to describe it) and I literally felt the energy swirling around me like electric wind.
It was the most intense presence of anything spiritual I’ve ever experienced.It was total ecstasy.
During my communication with him I asked for knowledge of the runes and he petitioned an invocation.
As I felt his energy merge with my body my arms began to move without my control into another runic posture.
I closed my eyes and received impressions and a slight vision of Odin impaled on his own spear and the runes appearing at his feet like the legend says.
I can’t remember the rune but it was the one in the shape of an X so my body was in sort of a crucifix stance.
Odin felt very fatherly to me but I also got the impression of his power to topple worlds if he wanted to.Although he never showed any anger toward me at all but his power was obvious.
The last thing I rember Odin telling me was that the “old ways” were on the brink of returning and soon everyone would know the glory of the Gods.

I feel very privileged to have been one to work with him.
Unfortunately my rune set went missing.
I never took them anywhere they just disappeared one day.
I’ve tore my house apart but can’t find them.

anyway that was my short experience with am elder god and I intend to call upon him again one day when I feel the time is right.


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You don’t need to evoke an entity to work with it. Especially on regards to the Greek gods. They are proud mother fuckers. They murdered for pretty petty things. They caused plagues because they got offended. Trying to evoke them and command them isn’t going to be your best move.

I suggest getting the book of Abrasax. It’s a very good book on ancient Greek/Coptic magic. It has quite a few Christian rituals, but it does also invoke Hermes, Helios, and the underworld gods. Then take that and deeply study the PGM aka Papyri Graeco Magicai/Greek Magical Papyri.
You should should also study Greek mythology extensively and the various mystery religions.TTry learning modern Hellenismos as well as ancient Hellenismos.
Deities tend to appreciate being called by their ancient methods. You should also give them cultus, ie proper respect / worship. They tend to respond better.

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I agree with Euoi’s sentiments.

While many of us here are on the road to Apotheosis, these deities are much, much further than we are. Rather than evoke I make an altar and leave offerings to them of things that they would like (Wine, eggs, honey and roses for Hecate. Mead, tobacco, bread and honey, and a poem for Odin.) It is a sign of respect for someone who is further down their path than I am, rather than abject worship.

In the beginning, I have found that they rarely show up because well, who are you to them? But after you put the work in and show them that you are serious about wanting to talk to them, they tend to be more receptive.

Good luck

Exactly what Orisman said. An altar, offerings, and genuine desire for contact is your best bet.