Hlin Valkyrie

As you know I am an Odinist,
A few years back around 07 I believe I started to hear this name subtly in my head, Hlin.
It came and went but there was a presence with it when I heard it, a feminine one, and always felt as though she was over my shoulder, possibly trying to get my attention.

It was a very nurturing presence, and a caring atmosphere.

One day not being able to get this name out of my head I did a google search only to find out that she was known about and mentioned very little, bits and pieces here and there, but that she was a Valkyrie of protection.
Possibly associated or another name for Frigg…

I found that very cool actually seeing how it was along the lines of my “faith”…

Now that I have begun due to life’s turns I am now here delving into working more with such entities.

Seeing as how there is little " on the books" about her, I would like to know if anyone here has any info or ideas , possible sigils to evoke her?

I just feel the need to right now.

Thank you for your time and considerations as always…

Be well…

Given the context, I don’t recommend using the “rose cross” or planetary kamea methods, which are used to take the letters in a spirit’s name (a known spirit, or channelled/received name, like this began as) and create a sigil from them - I suggest making a bindrune for her, then instead of trying to “open it” in TGS like people do for demonic sigil, using it instead like an idol (physical anchoring link) and asking her to make her presence felt.

That would be what I would do, I don’t “open sigils” for Hathor for example (another spirit from a tradition that pre-dates the J/C influenced grimoires) but instead I’ll use a drawing or statue, as the primary link.

Sigils (seals) are what were used during the long period when having images to represent spiritual beings (anything other than the Xian Jesus and Mary, angels & saints, and sometimes “God the father”) was an extremely hazardous pursuit, and while they work and have their own language, they’re not the epitome of magickal contact with spirits, just one branch of it: they’re not found in all cultures, the only common denominator seems to be an image or space set aside and dedicated for the spirit, whether it’s a sacred grove, mountain, or a manufactured image based on clairvoyant visions.

If you can feel her presence when called, then you can move on to asking her to communicate with you, specify that you’d like her to do so by a method you can recognise. People have been talking to spirits for millenia without worrying about “third eyes” and stuff, while that stuff’s useful it shouldn’t get in the way.

Trust her, and yourself - she managed to get her name into your head already when you weren’t even really trying for anything magickal and first-person, so the lines are already open and just waiting for you to start being open to them.

JMO. :slight_smile:

Why thank you good lady , will give it a go this evening :slight_smile: