Hitler and the Occult

I am not a fan of Hitler. I value freedom, and he certainly wasn’t a proponent of that. But he did seem to have a supernatural force giving him power. I’ve heard he practiced the occult. Does anybody know what type? Why did it ultimately fail him?

Just for info, we had a thread about this already, here: http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/general-discussion/adolf-hitler-occult/

It’s a fascinating topic and claims are made on boith sides - that he dismissed it all, that he was a huge fan - personally I think Himmler was the guy with the black magick.

I completely agree with Lady Eva.Heimrich Himmler was obsessed with the Arian race,the German people,ancient history,arcane relics,etc.¸

Adolf Hitler mocked Himmler’s ‘‘puerile’’ obsessions.However,the case can be made that he was doing it to hide his own obsessions.Certainly possible,but consider this.

When he was a kid,Hitler wanted to become a priest.

In the documentary I just posted about. They talked about Hilter in the Occult. They said Winston Churchhill was a Druid. Alester Crowley actually helped Churchhill with magic Against the Nazis. Lol the evilest man in history Alwster Crowley went against the Nazis. He must have been so evil to fight for good.

Maybe Crowley helped but ultimately it was the Nazis taking on the Russians, and the Americans entering WW2, that seem to have done for them.

I’m a student, not an expert, when it comes to history, so don’t take that as definitive, but it seems to be the case. Fighting the entire Soviet Union and also the USA was never going to work out, maybe if they’d consolidated and been less aggressively expansionist in such a short period of time, they would have made more progress.

The Nazi’s anti-semitism and enthusiasm for eugenics were common across the globe at that point and would not, alone, have tipped the tide of world opinion against them.

So magick versus magick? Interesting.

I think Alester Crowley wasn’t as bad as a lot of people made him out to be.