Historical Spirits

Has anybody had experiences working with Historical figures like the Queen of Sheba or Cleopatra?

Is that a normal thing to do? What are your thoughts on working with historical energies?

My astral senses aren’t open, nor have I managed astral projection, but I would love to chat with historical spirits. Pythagoras and Hypatia are way up there, as is Aaron Swartz.

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That sounds so amazing

The truth is that any spirit can say they are this or that. The challenge is determining what YOU believe in regards to reincarnation and the afterlife. If one does believe in reincarnation, is it feasible to believe that someone so driven is standing by, just waiting to be called? And when you call and SOMETHING answers, can you be sure it’s really one of them?

Same thing if you believe in reincarnation - if either did reincarnate, can you be sure the person you’re talking to really is who she believes she is? Can you prove otherwise.

Does it really matter either way? Can you prove or trust the answers?

Tough questions.


These were my thoughts that they had already reincarnated

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This can be considered necromancy, talking with the shades of the dead. You could also consider it as working with the ancestors.

I’m not much interested in humans myself, but Sorceress Cagliastro mentioned in her books she worked extensively with Mme Curie.

It’s not super common but it can be done.


It’s normal because these people are probably reincarnated or if there’s no reincarnation in their belief system whatever is next. However, I do not believe every soul makes it to still existing as itself so yes and no.


I’m eager to talk to a biblical spirit

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What do you mean by this? What happens to them?

I have heard of people use use biblical passages to conjure these beings.

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Whatever happens.

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I do find verses can be very powerful

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what about characters from legends and myths?
Chaos magic?

chaos magick often uses anything that works, mythological beings, beings from various fantasies and tv shows, etc.

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Thank you :two_hearts: