Hiring someone for Beauty spells

Hey, anyone that has hired someone from BALG to do a beauty spell or someone who knows about this and the whole process, I have a few questions

  • If I want to do a full body head to toe transformation, how long will it take for the results to manifest?

  • Are people going to notice? Like are they going to think im a completely different person?

  • Do I choose what kind of beauty I want? Like are there levels?

I read the rules and I think people aren’t allowed to actually advertise or sell their services here but I could be wrong.

I have several sources online of people you could get in contact with, however, full bodily manifestation isn’t as TANGIBLE as one may think. It’s not a complete physical transformation; it’ll be the heightened amount of pheromones, increased seduction/attraction/charisma (there’s just something about you that people want), magnetism and mannerism changes.

So you can imagine, it’s definitely going to be fix a psychosomatic aspect of you than a total physical impact. You won’t go from hourglass curvy to slender. You won’t shrink your thighs in a couple days from the spell either or restructure your cheek bones…

Edit: that’s not the say that physical transformation isn’t possible, V.K claims he has felt his biceps grow and actually morph bigger through magick.

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My sister had done a ritual and it changed her figure and eyes completely. Hows that?


Oh I don’t doubt it, did you forget to read my last paragraph? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder anyway. It’ll only go skin-deep for rest assured, the beauty, the true version of it anyway, comes from within.

Why don’t you ask your sister?

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Is there a way Orlee Stewart could see my topic and help me?

She already did an intro post. She’s completely new to magick, but has an interest in demons.

did it change the color of her eyes?

I ask a guy he say it may help you lose weight.have glamour, shining.and have the sassy look.and try will see u as a trophy.,results be skinny.beautiful eyes etc.

This thread is one year old, she will not reply

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