Hindu Veds declare Jesus Christ as savior

Yes it’s true.

And many Hindu monks who meditate on himalaya mountains believe in Jesus.

On the other hand the Hindu nationalists and political right wing who believe that they are pure and higher than the western culture try to ignore this fact and hide it from general public as much as possible and try to rule over general public just like the Catholics, Islam, Protestant Evangelists do.

The old Vedic Hindus were more broad minded. In olden days they used to eat beef and had planes in India.

Now it’s just politics, corruption, enslaving public.
Destroying gift card shops on Valentine’s Day as it is western, etc

My ancestors were Brahmin priests and ministers to the king of Kashmir.
Later they abandoned Hinduism and embraced Protestant Christianity. Left their properties (cities of Rishikesh and Masourie in India) which is worth billions and billions of US $.

And now I am waiting for NWO to come and ban Hinduism, Christianity and Islam !!!


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That’s interesting yes the Christian faith took stole lots of land property during inquesitions, I do not think NWO will ban all religions the NWO is happening now all religions will have to bow before one in my opinion. All wars and regime change take assests spoils of war in paying back debt for war!

New world order will be good only if Lucifer is in power but apparently this will be put in place when the Temple of Solomon is restored in Israel where the Muslim synagogue is now on the Mount? same religious war from thousands years ago is happening now Iraq, Syria, etc that’s my observations. The Muslims attacked destroying Israel.Egypt now it’s happening in reverse but smarter with everything cause Muslims are fighting Muslims like Syria genius strategy once it’s all finished Lucifer will just sweep with a broom and move in! Perhaps

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My warning to the people of India (my ancestors were Norse and many consider the cultures to be related in a way) is to never let Christianity become dominant. That would result in cultural and perhaps even physical genocide.


My advice to all people not just the ones in india, is to beware the fanatics from all religions…

Especially the new ones made in the last century that are now ripping the western world apart…


I actually know how this is being done, the priest’s and gurus of India are not aware of frequency weapons specifically when to comes to beaming dreams into people’s heads, a Christian pastor walked up to a guru in one Youtube video and said "do you know who I am, the guru said yes I dreamt about you and Jesus, then proceeded to tell it was a sign from Jesus Christ and he should convert, the man was converted immediately, a few months later the pastor went back and the guru had converted all his students, now usually someone in India trying to convert Hindus would be beaten and probably murdered but this one was so venerated he got away with it, so that’s how Christianity is being spread, Il try find the vid, here it is, its a set up, beam in dreams into peoples heads is easy now, its been done to me.

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Hey @Sic_Draco are you talking about Electronic weapons ?

I need those to use against my neighbor :thinking::confused::neutral_face::zap:

Every Religion tries to control and enslave people ! Even those which start as good but somewhere along the line get corrupted.

Latest example is Scientology :alien:

And when Mr Ron Hubbard tried to correct it from beyond the grave by channeling through psychic mediums, the leaders of Scientology didn’t listened even though many emails were sent to them. :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:

Even Mr E A had to struggle finding his Occult path.

So Organized religion whether left or right is injurious to free will :thinking:

P.s I hope Scientology guys are not reading my post :neutral_face:

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How will Hindus know about Lucifer and Demons until they accept Christianity then they can move to Occult :yum:

If you preach them about Lucifer and demons they won’t understand. So it’s very important they convert to Christianity first, that’s the first step towards Lucifer and Demons ! :upside_down_face::zap:️:candle::smiling_imp::full_moon::smiling_imp::candle:

Kashmiri pandits became refugee and their proparty get destroyed because of muslims only. Most of the South Indian guys eat beaf. Hinduism is far better thn Christianity and Islam. Right wing party doing the good things in India. There should be a boundary , what Muslims nd Christian guys are doing here. Its not good.


All religions of the world are tall tales and extentions on universal truths that were once obvious, but now obscured and hidden by the writings of men who claim it is from whatever deity they concieved of. The truth of the nature of the universe doesn’t need any religion to exist. It doesn’t even need mankind to exist the way religion does, it’s just something that is. When we can recognize the religions of the world are the collective opinions on what the natural and Divine universe is. But opinions are not facts and to understand the universe you need facts not opinions. Opinions can lead you towards asking the right questions in order to learn the facts but opinion should never take the place of fact and this is exactly what religion does. There are little to no facts supporting most religious writings. We don’t even have proof that Jesus was a living person or that he was even only one person and not a mashup of various traveling prophets and sacrifice solar deities. I’m not saying it’s not true but I am saying there are no facts that support it.
When we look closer at Judeism we find that the whole religion is a mashup of Mesopotamian religions taken from polytheism and converted into a monotheistic philosophy that still is at odds with it’s self because of the attepted monotheization. It then became Christianity when Judeism mashedup with a bunch of other surrounding cults. Then Islam came around and was a Judeism butchered rehash and denies the christ, and encorporates a mashup of middle eastern superstition and paganism.


Jesus is the western world’s Krishna. The parallels are amazing.
’…and we’ll guarantee your salvation in writing - or three times your money back…"



Hi our properties were not taken away by Muslims or anyone else. My ancestors were Garg Rishi Kul Brahmins, the highest level among Brahmins. And our properties were cities of Rishikesh and Massorie not in Kashmir.

My ancestors denounced Hindu religion because they saw the lies and manipulative agendas and how messed up Hinduism is like any other religion.

And hardliner Hindus hate Christianity because they hate Western culture. They will hate any other religion from West whether it’s Wicca, Satanism, Luciferan, Western Occultism, Scientology, Etc.

Beating or threatening people because they eat beef or celebrate Valentine’s Day is what hard line Hindus are doing nowadays.

Nationalist Hindus are against Western Culture just like Islamic Hard liners. All those groups RSS, BJP, Bajrang Dal who burned 2 innocent kids because they were kids of White missionary !


Hinduism is the closest thing to the truth as far as religions go, during the Mughal invasion the Hindu knowledge was pretty much destroyed but some people managed to restore it, obviously a lot of it got corrupted, but I would still say they have gives the occult a lot of things, Vedic astrology, mantras, yoga and meditation, most of the western occult books use Hindu knowledge as well, hope they don’t fall for the christian propoganda.


The mystery’s and secrets of Western occultism are laid out for all to see if they study the Vedas and other Indian texts.


Is that why Hindu monks get now where in life.


I me no where in life i am using a ps4 controller i seems to add letters in by accident

Hindu monks believe in moksha prapti (liberation from death and rebirth cycle) by complete detachment from ego and maya which means no anger, greed and lust for physical things. What you call life is nothing but illusion to them.


And yet Hindu temples and spiritual speakers take obscene amount of donations, jewels, gold, sweets, and godly men rape females !


Corruption is everywhere, those people are spiritually corrupted and use it for their advantage, pretty much comes down to your morals what you do with that knowledge. I’m not trying to defend hinduism or any religion, you don’t have to like them, but the knowledge is very useful and cannot be ignored.


Any REAL PSYCHIC out there, Remote view the time and place of the death of Jesus Christ (where the cross was fixed into the ground) with the 2 thieves on each side. Then, remote view the time and place of the tomb where He rose from the dead. I bet you WON’T find Jesus Christ. (Just my opinion.) Just as it has been said that there are curses to attack anyone that delves into the occult TOO DEEPLY, the Jewish elite Cabal might have put up curses to attack anyone that attempts to expose their lie of Jesus Christ.
Which is why Ed Dames and all of the other legitimate psychics are under the Jew controlled thumb. And all of the others are discredited and/or dead.
Anyway, to all of the REAL PSYCHICS out there, you can remote view this, IF YOU DARE !

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Jesus Christ was /is real, even Lucifer confirmed that ! :zap: