Hindu gods never helped me


I was born and raised a hindu. Me and my family prayed to hindu gods, gave them offerings and prassads and they never helped me with anything I have asked for. Laxmi, Shiva, Vishnu and the other hindu gods never helped me with anything.

I have now discovered the goetia and I think its time to quit hinduism and work with demons from the goetia.


I can see how you feel like that, i was born into a Catholic family, i was raised with a lot of Folk Catholicism and the such. i hated it for a long time but as im getting more experienced i am learning that there is a place for tradition and the magick you where born with, ive worked with the Hindu gods and they’ve taught me a lot and they have been amazing teachers, what im trying to say is that there is always room for tradition and always room for breaking said traditions.


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I was born Hindu too. I’d be lying if I said the Hindu Gods did not help me at all. I know that they’re generally hard to please with a few exceptions.

All the best with your new journey!!


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I’ve found that Shiva is actually a pretty good deity to work with if you know what you’re doing. Being raised up in that religion, I’m fairly sure they taught you how to interact with gods in the mundane cultural fashion without teaching you the occult like a Brahmin or yogi would.

After you get some experience with the goetia, I’d suggest going back and seeing if you can apply what you’ve learned to evocation of the hindu gods


Yes and Shiva is much easier to please. Simply mediating on him can make him happy.


Ganesha can fuck you up big time, although not as quickly as the Lesser Headless Ritual.



what do you mean


Ganesha is a God of Chaos. He can certainly cause chaos. I used to evoke Him - once.



Everyone’s path is different just go with the flow. It has less to do with the Hindu pantheon or the Goetia and more, way more, to do with your point of view. Magic is simply aligning one’s essence to a defined objective. Magic/prayers do not create: they merely align you to something in existence. Please note: everything, no matter how it seems, exists. Existence begets existence.


Well, this is the first I have heard about the Lesser Headless Ritual fucking people up. I always do it whenever I worry about getting out of touch with myself, making poor decisions, or being overly influenced by spirits and people. It has been a great help to me, so I’m am more than curious about the circumstances when it is “not” a help.


I agree on this rhp gods are just do it yourself either that or their very selfish welcome to the forum