Hindu gods and love spell?

I haven’t heard of many people working with Hindu gods for love spells is it possible to do so they are like any other deity isnt it I have been planning to do one with ma kali since I even small-level level I have been worshipping her since I was a child so I feel like she may accept my request better I want to try invoking her but I do not have much experience invoking other than a few times I tried to invoke demons, anyone who any information about this and is willing to tell me I would be grateful.

Why not Tripura Sundari (Lalita)?

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Ya work with lalita?

Kali Ma would not be my choice for a love spell. But then again, if you have a good connection with her. Why not?

I think for most of us, the full use of hindu gods feels a little like appropriating hindu culture. Although I do seek connections to Shiva and Kali as aspects of universal forces

A little bit
Not so much b/c I’m not interested in romance atm

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Lalita is not only specialize in romance she can help one with literally every worldy pleasure available

I see in India they use Pisaach and jins for these workings even though they are great worshipper of top Gods like Kaali.

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I’m working with Lakshmi quite a bit rn. I got rose incense sticks of her on discount at pooja store.

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Oh yea the pisachas Hahah those are some strong ass beings Similar to goetic demons in function and uses.