Hinderance of other person who dont believe in magick?

First, sorry for my poor english. I am not native speaker.

I am living with my younger brother,
and I am practicing gallery of magick’s book.

I once told that i am practicing magick to my younger brother, (a years ago) and i think he dont believe magick.

At some point, after he knows my magick, It looks like it’s power loses itself.

I forgot about magick for a while, and recently I restarted practicing magick.

I dont wanted to let my brother knows it, so did rituals in hotel.

But he were looking for pencil, and opened my bag, and noticed that I am doing magick.

Its really really really annoying but its not that important point.

What i am worrying about is
Will other person’s willpower who dont believe in magick will hinder my power?
And my family were christian, (I am not anymore) so it will effect it?

Or only worry inside me is hindering?

I want to know.

Doubtful. In order to hinder anything, your brother would have to actively work against your magick with intent. Simple disbelief isn’t enough to affect anything.

Possibly, if they pray against you. Prayer would be their version of doing magick. However, it is highly unlikely. And you said you are using the Gallery of Magick books, which are simplified Kabbalistic magick, so, in my opinion, even if they did pray against you, I doubt it will affect anything.

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Thank you for your answer.

Then its all matter of my belief system or worry

He dont wanted to hinder me, and i think he never did action against my magick.

I think I am just worrying because any books, they are saying ‘you should look for quite place, dont get caught to others, No one else should know about your ritual, etc’

But he have seen my sigils, it has no effect?

Looks silly but i am beginner
Thank you

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No, no effect. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Thank you,

I will understand as follows:

‘About ritual, i didnt caught to anyone in doing time
About sigil, It’s just a piece of paper when I am not doing ritual’

have a good time!

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