Hiii Everyone (Introduction)

Hey everyone! I’m Jazmin.

I’ve been learning about magick for about 7 months, but that “learning” has been mostly just about reading and reading. So I’m not very experienced with actually practicing it but I’m hoping I have a good amount of information so far.

My goal right now is to reach out to King Paimon, cause I felt drawn to him from the start and my biggest dream is to be a musician. Also since I have some strong goals but they’re nearly impossible to happen with my try only, mostly due to the place I’m living in, and things in the music industry require a lot of “luck” as well. I’m preparing for university enterance exam but I’ve actually been planning on auditioning for an agency. And that agency is not even in my country. My family doesn’t support it. So yeah, I need a good planning. I think that King Paimon can help the best. I don’t want to just ask for things but I want to ask him a lot of questions about him, and about other things I’ve been questioning for a long time.

I have tried summoning him and meditating on him for a few times but I haven’t succeed yet. I don’t have my astral senses open and I know it takes a lot of practice so I came here to take some guidence. And of course, I don’t even know what will happen with King Paimon. Maybe he won’t help me for some reason and I’ll have to work with another entity. So I’m open to different possibilities too but at the same time I’m very worried about how everything’s gonna turn out so, that’s basically it. Thank you~


Welcome @jazmin

Where are you from?

What have you been practicing? What method of summoning did you try?

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welcome @jazmin ! :wave: nice to have you here :slight_smile:

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Hi, thank you. I basically draw the demon’s sigil, light a candle, chant his enn and try to get into a trance state and after a while i assume he already hears me and say what message i want to send to him. But sometimes I feel like I can focus better if I close my eyes so I don’t use sigil or candles but just close my eyes and again, assume he’s there and speak to him. I’m still trying to figure out what works best.

Excuse me, i forgot to say where I’m from. I hate my country so I don’t like to say I’m from there lol. If it’s really required I’ll say it but I can say I’m from Middle East.

It doesn’t have to be specific, just a general location is perfectly fine. We have members from all around the world and it can be helpful to know where someone is from in case there is a language barrier or they’re interested in meeting others who also live there, etc, so thank you for answering :slight_smile:

I’m from Canada :slight_smile:

Thank you~

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To awaken astral senses, practice one or more forms of divination (Tarot, runes, scrying) and work on your chakras. In order to contact a spirit it’s possible to focus on the name, a portrayal or indeed, at the beginning probably the best option, sigil. You “activate” it by gazing at the lines for some minutes; typically it seems like they’re changing, but alternatively other sensations may be felt.

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Paimon is great don’t neglect the angels either!