Higher selves and sociopaths/psychopaths

Are all sociopaths/psychopaths cut off from their higher selves? I watched a YouTube video of a shaman saying that sociopaths are cut off from their higher selves.


I didn’t do that.


I think it’s more a matter of dysfunction related to mental state when the soul is connecting with the physical body - When the body is created on the physical plane (and after the merging with the soul) the body reflects the nature of the soul in a more subtle/or deeper way - it also depends on the spirit and its strength - but the body also keeps its own nature + its biology, functions/genes/limits which create it. So, mental nature or dysfunction also reflect the nature of the body, because it’s all connected in some specific way.

It’s a similar way, if you would say that people who are mentally ill since birth, are cut off from their higher selves. That could be, but also there’s a need to take into account, that their body and mental state work in a different way during their specific incarnation. Maybe that’s just what their higher selves wanted to experience in this life, or it’s a dysfunction of the physical body on which higher selves didn’t have enough influence.


Well being a psychopath and a sociopath makes them uncapable of empathising with other living beings, or to aknowledge other people’s existence as something valuable sometimes.
Therefore I wouldn’t be surprised if that actually affects the perception of the astral realm and magic.


Do what?

Also @Zatagoon I don’t think being a psychopath or a sociopath has anything to do with being unable to contact their higher self.

Though I’d imagine that those who are manipulative, narcissistic, overly aggressive and reckless, completely lack empathy, are incapable of feeling remorse and cannot form genuine meaningful relationships to save their skin might have a harder time.


Well, in my opinion, if someone is unable to perceive and appreciate what they have surrounding them, it will be even harder to perceive something in the astral realm, which will delay their development if not block it completely.


No. One can feel and choose to act the opposite. In fact, anyone on the left hand path is likely to do that since we focus on individualism.

I feel, these feelings are how i have an idea of what to expect in the future, but how i act on them is my choice, me choosing to ignore them doesnt mean i am cutoff.

It depends. I think being a sociopath/psychopath is not a choice, and people usually are born with specific lack of sensing other people’s feelings or empathy in general. Those people are specific.

You talk here about act and people who killed someone once or committed a crime, don’t have to be a sociopaths from nature first off. And yes, people have own right to act as they feel, even if their act is not morally accepted. But that’s an act - and sociopathic people are a deeper matter and mentally much more specific to mark them as “people who have chosen their path and way of thinking” because it’s clearly not that easy in their case.

There’s a line between sociopath and individualist.


Being a psychopath isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’ve worked with a powerful entity who could be called a psychopath.

The entity I’m referring to is Sorath, he’s a solar demonic powerhouse.
He creates and destroys not for reason but because that is the nature of the sun.

Not showing empathy, nether care.
This makes a him a very unique being and that works in his benefit. Do I believe their cut off from their higher-selves, not really.

I believe their ego and consciousness filters out certain things from their higher self.
Like empathy and the various other components of the human norm.


In psychology. For traits like this to occur, typically one of 2 extremes occurs.

Hypersensitivity to the antagonizing stimulus

Or hyposensitivity to antagonizing stimulus.

Having a hypersenitivity to empathy could cause one to develope the ability to shut it out through repression. The latter resulting in an inability or shallow sense for the stimulus.

There are genetic precursors as well such as schyzotypal personality profiles

Source. Runs in my family,diagnosed, for generations


Thats a very interesting theory. I can agree with this 100%


But was it?

There’s a big difference between creating and destroying because you must do it and doing it because you are acting on impulse and really don’t care who gets hurt in the process.

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The sun doesn’t really act on impulse.

The sun merely gives its heat into all that surround it. Some get burnt and incinerated, others get fed and nurtured.

The true aspect of the sun is not benevolent nor is it malevolent. It merely gives its gifts and it’s curses.

As psychology goes it can be said this is a psychopathic tendency.
Doesn’t feel remorse for the bad it has done, doesn’t feel happy about the good that’s it’s done either. The psychopath merely accepts its own nature and goes with it.

The sun creates life as well as destroys not based again on impulse, based on because it just does that. Sorath transcends good and evil, creative and destructive.


EA Koetting speaks upon the entity Sorath in great depths in this video it’s very interesting.

Psychopathy the Sociopathy are human terms.
Anything unhuman could be called this by our lack of thinking outside of our limitations.

So i in no way feel a Spirit that has never been human can be either.

According to psychologists sociopaths are created and psychopaths are born.
Both still really have nothing to do with the spirit inside as in that spirit is not a psychopath because of the incarnations nature vs nurture.

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Precisely that’s why I state

“Could be called a psychopath”.

Almost all these titles are unable to understand the infinity our what’s beyond human concepts.
The finite mind of man is going to use sometimes words and try to apply concepts to spiritual nature.

The whole “Good” and “Evil” is just a huge chain upon our species.

For example Darkness is seen as evil.

While it does have sinister properties it has positive properties too. When I came to outter darkness, it was first seen as the worst painful places imaginable. Spending loads of time there it became nirvana and peaceful and blissful.

Light is the same it has positive effects yes.
Light also has negative effects, light can be blinding, it can be a destroying powerful force as well as a benevolent healing force.

That’s why to understand these powers words do them no justice.


No I don’t think so. Actually being a sociopath or psychopath makes it easier to connect to the higher self.

Dropping a lot of moral, mental and emotional package that comes from empathizing with others, liberates the lower self. No matter how others perceive it. That’s why most of those people have a very strong personality and very intelligent, sometimes to the point of being absolute geniuses.

Most people wouldn’t like that because they want to force their own standards of what’s “normal” or not unto others. Those Sociopaths/psychopaths must be punished for their wickedness… not rewarded by a better connection with the higher self. Right? No. Our intellectual judgement is meaningless nonsense when it comes to the spiritual realm. The higher self doesn’t care what we believe is right or wrong, true or false. Doesn’t care if we hate them or love them. While most people would expect them to be spiritually punished and suffering, the truth is, maybe they’re rewarded and experience much higher level of spirituality, naturally, that “we” could struggle for decades to achieve !


IMHO, that may not be the reason at all. Higher self simply can be defined as " our connection to ALL " ( Atma) so with Blavatsky definition, it’s an inseparable ray of the universe and oneself.; hence separation is not a possibility from at least by definition.

Baneful magick can cause psychological problems or worst problems easily but that does not include a complete separation from HS.

Reasons for being sociopaths can be found within physical realms and I like the below vid in that perspective;it may help to see “evil” from a different perspective and question what we are told for

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Probably not. But we’d have to define what being “cut-off” from your higher self even looks like. What does it entail?


The Psychopath’s Bible by Hyatt; highly recommended.
I got my original copy when it was only available in book form.