Higher self separate from HGA?

Has anyone found that when invoking their Higher Self for guidance, they encounter a being who seems to be completely different from the one they met when attempting to contact their HGA?

Lately I have been meditating and trying to ask my Higher Self for guidance, and when I do I get images of an older man who embodies the Wise Magician/Scholar archetype. When invoking him I have noticed myself acting and thinking in a slightly more “masculine” fashion and male family members, friends and coworkers have shown a definite change in the way they respond to me.

However, when I did some shamanic journeying to find my HGA(didn’t have the time or patience to go through the full rituals prescribed by Crowley) I had some very clear visions and conversations involving a young woman who said she was my HGA- the name she gave me is a very feminine one and she stated that she was connected to feminine aspects of the divine such as Sophia (I was born to a Hindu family so I don’t know much about this particular divine principle)as well as other goddesses from various faiths that represent feminine wisdom and power.

I have been trying to discover and carry out my True Will and invoked my higher self again for guidance- pouring out the messages from my subconscious into creative writing works well for me especially after invoking a particular being from whom I seek answers. He basically told me, “Don’t worry about it, we work in tandem, separate but inextricably linked, invoke one and the other will always hear you as well.” There are some books on modern witchcraft such as “Inner Witch” by Gabriela Herstik that describe how everyone has a “cosmic team” full of their own personal spiritual allies. My Higher Self told me to think of him as a kind of coordinator and administrator for all the spiritual beings who are personally allied to me.

Has anyone else experienced this? Should I try to reach my HGA again or just stick with my Higher Self since he is usually easy to reach and responds much faster? Should I try to access all of my spirit guides or “team members” on a regular basis or just invoke my Higher Self and expect him to communicate with the rest of them?

Can one’s True Will still be found and carried out if I only invoke my Higher Self regularly and spend less time trying to reach my HGA? In my experience, the HGA is harder to reach and communicate with on a daily basis- I have the impression that she is more remote or distant and the Higher Self is usually closer to me. Does this make a difference at all?

Also I have recently been researching more about the god self and am curious to try to see what mine looks like. Is this part of the Higher Self or also connected to the HGA?


My experience when working the rites/practices to invoke/communication with my HGA was not Crowley’s texts, but Jason Augustus Newcomb from 21st Century Mage. In my experiences since this time has shown that the HGA acts and wills within the daily life as though he were more like a spiritual advisor, director and conscience at times. At other times, the HGA will manifest almost similar to the agent within Judeo-Christian theology known as the Holy Spirit/Ghost, represented by being a “gift” which deifies humankind toward spiritual growth by bestowing gifts of discernment and insight throughout everyday occurrences.

Be this as it may, my HGA has not expressed any deification status but only direct, interpersonal growth toward guidance, direction and insight. And like the Judeo-Christian Holy Ghost/Spirit, is indeed a gift which any practitioner should strive to achieve.